The Mighty Bombers- 2019 EFC slogan


“Mighty” to me is an old school footy word, like “grand”, “play” or “barracker”. Tick. It is more immediate than “Yess”. Tick. However, it is also more closely associated with “the mighty fighting hawks” or perhaps “the team of the mighty west”. Cross. It is already being slightly overused in club officials’ presentations. Cross. I will pass it because I also think “mighty” is a reasonable way for us to think about the club (or at least how it should be)- not a plucky underdog but an assured, well-resourced power club.
What do you think?


EFC 2019 “Win a final you ■■■■■”


There isn’t a much more recognisable football cliche/stereotype than “Mighty”. In that sense it works, as much as it is tired. In the end it doesn’t matter much. If you win, you’re mighty, if you don’t you’re not. Just as long as the slogan isn’t awful I don’t really care that much. I’d rather a bit more thought put into it, though.

“Don the Sash”, has been the best, most specific one for us for many years. I don’t mind keeping it as “the” slogan, and mucking around with other stuff.


nothing too cringey please


A simple like is not enough.


EFC 2019: “Nothing too cringey please”.

That could actually work.


Agree “Don the sash” is probably best of the recent ones, “We are essendon” is organic. I like the sash extension one “It crosses our heart and unites us all”, but it’s harder to fit on a headline.




Tanner would love it


Don the Flag


fark carlton


“Play a full game/season you ■■■■■■!”




They know we’re waiting! (for a finals win)


Can you smell what the Dons are cooking?


I want to essington you like an animal




The Essington ones are as lame as the “Mighty” ones.


Finals? Essendon’t go there.


That’s reserved for when we beat Collingwood only!