The Music Quiz

  1. Dreamworld - Midnight Oil
  1. I Touch Myself - Divinyls

New quiz:

  1. Wanna tell you a story / ‘Bout a woman I know / When it comes to lovin’ / Oh she steals the show

Whole Lotta Rosie / AC/DC / onlybomberinthevillage

  1. He comes from a wasteland / where stones misdeed into the night / they pretend they feed him / then shoot him down in the
    search light

Straight Jacket / The Angels / McGoved/Bloodstained Devils

  1. Convict state / It just don’t rate / He want to get higher / Apple Isle, the inbred smile / He’s going to get by’a

Errol / Australian Crawl / swooper

  1. You want to feel a little warmth / A little mercy / You want to feel like this is real / But it’s so cold this time of year / And everywhere you liked to go is a reminder

Painless / Baby Animals / Koala

  1. So hard / finding inspiration / I knew you’d find me crying / Tell those girls with rifles for minds

The Unguarded Moment / The Church / swooper

  1. Kids out driving Saturday afternoon just pass me by / I’m just savouring familiar sights / We shared some history, this town and I

Flame Trees / Cold Chisel / Bloodstained Devils

  1. My heart is a muscle and it pumps blood / Like a big old black steam train / My veins are the tracks / And the city is my brain

Black Stick / The Cruel Sea / Bloodstained Devils

  1. Don’t know where to begin / Your mistake or our sin / Conscience walks out of here / Never far, always near

A State Of Graceful Mourning / Died Pretty / BAAKKEERRRR

  1. I love myself / I want you to love me / When I’m feeling down / I want you above me

I Touch Myself / Divinyls / mrjez

  1. If you see my girlfriend cry / Just keep walking pass her by / Cos I’m not allowed to talk to her

Who Sold Her Out / Eskimo Joe / swooper

  1. I can still recall the time / She said she was always mine / Then she left ( as people do ) / And forgets what we’ve been through

I Want You Back / Hoodoo Gurus / Bloodstained Devils

  1. I spy your humble home / I see the tea towels fly / In a blinding flash / I see the years go by

Do You See What I See / Hunters & Collectors / BillyBewick

  1. Hang me for a sucker / On the plains out of Narrabri / Swingin’ a hoe in a CAL-cotton row / Sweatin’ on the dangers to me

Tucker’s Daughter / Ian Moss / miss ellie

  1. a winter palace / from the arabian nights / white waves on an ocean / gems from a golden age

No Promises / Icehouse / BillyBewick

  1. This is food of love / They said got it wrong / Smiling, you and I / Thinking, never see it die

Love Is (What I Need) / INXS / simmo41/Captain Jack/wimmera1

  1. Got your rhymes going 'round in my head / Got your supersonic beats mixing up my keds / So dance little DJ come on / What’s your name?

Rollover DJ / Jet / brem06

  1. Well we don’t need no one to tell us what to do / Oh yes we’re on our own and there’s nothing you can do / So we don’t need no one like you, to tell us what to do

Prisoner Of Society / The Living End / miss ellie

  1. The Breakfast Creek hotel is up for sale / The last square mile of terra firma gavelled in the mail,

Dreamworld / Midnight Oil / mrjez

  1. It was a party night / it was the end of school / He’s head was feelin’ light / the first time

Come Said The Boy / Mondo Rock / Bruceboss

  1. Go son, go down to the water / And see the women weeping there / Then go up into the mountains / The men, they are weeping too

The Weeping Song / Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / onlybomberinthevillage

Final answers for the most recent quiz

  1. If I said what’s on my mind / You’d turn and walk away / Disappearing way back in your dreams

A Man I’ll never Be / Boston

  1. They crossed over the border the hour before dawn / moving in lines through the day / Most of our planes were destroyed on the ground where they lay

Roads To Moscow / Al Stewart

  1. Leaving my family behind me / not knowing what lay ahead / waving goodbye, as I left them in tears / remembering all we’d said

Driving The Last Spike / Genesis

  1. Peter was a sailor / Swarthy lean and proud / He could take a schooner through a big sea swell / Aloof in the mainland crowd

Gladstone Pier / Redgum

  1. The Weeping Song - Nick Cave & Bad Seeds
It's not one of his folky songs I'm sure.
Yeah it is...Bruceboss got it...see two above


18 is Chisel....
what song?

NFI. Home something???

You’re on the right track there (no pun intended lol)
Dunno how you can call this a new music quiz. It's all songs from the 60s and 70s. That's hardly new music...
That's 'cos it's a quiz about music and it's new :)

Dunno how you can call this a new music quiz. It’s all songs from the 60s and 70s. That’s hardly new music…

Sounds more like John Denver to me.
No...still not all need to look closer to home

Sounds more like John Denver to me.

17. Sounds like early Springsteen. close in fact
  1. Sounds like early Springsteen.
  1. Rockaria. Electric Light Orchestra
  1. California Dreamin’ - The Mamas & the Papas
  1. Sloop John B - The beach boys
  2. Eleanor - The Turtles

1 Nowhere man The Beatles.

14 Substitute The who

5 Shake your tail feather - Ray Charles - Blues brothers.

  1. Bee Gees Message