The Music Quiz


The teaching of reading & comprehension in this country has gone to the dogs…


Yes, there’s a theme.
It may take a little time to reveal itself, and I apologise for the links that a little more tortured than others.

|1.| She just turns her head and disappears, I kinda like that style - The Lady Don’t Mind - Talking Heads - BSD
|2.| You can’t, you won’t and you don’t stop - Sure Shot - Beastie Boys - Zimmer
|3.| Shine on, shine the lights on me - Glittering Prize - Simple Minds - BAAKKEERRR
|4.| I jump into my car and I throw in my guitar - Gold - Jon Stewart - BSD
|5.| What do you mean, “I don’t support your system”? I go to court when I have to. - Peace Sells (But Who’s Buying…) - Megadeth - Yossarian
|6.| I don’t wanna live in this place - Heaven - Eurogliders - Yossarian
|7.| But I just can’t contain this feelin’ that remains - There She Goes - Sixpence None The Richer - simmo_41
|8.| As long as there are stars above you - God Only Knows - Beach Boys - Hoffy
|9.| Only got twenty dollars in my pocket - Thrift Shop - Macklemore - Yossarian
|10.| You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here - Closing Time - Semisonic - AD_Don
|11.| So I’m wondering who’s taking up your sacred precious time - One Word - Baby Animals - BSD
|12.| Sunday’s on the phone to Monday, Tuesday’s on the phone to me - She Came In Through the Bathroom Window - Beatles - Zimmer
|13.| Why are we always stuck and running from the bullets? Sign of the Times - Harry Styles - simmo41
|14.| Blood races to your private spots
|15.| Some people work for fun, girl, I just work for you - Everything she wants - Wham - Koala
|16.| I know that the sunset empire shudders and shakes - Sometimes - Midnight Oil - Humble Minion
|17.| I was thinking of a padded cell - Mean To Me - Crowded House - BAAKKEERRR
|18.| But gravity always wins - Fake Plastic _Tree_s - Radiohead - BAAKKEERRR
|19.| I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb - Islands in the Stream - Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers - Miss Ellie
|20.| How many times can you describe your living hell? Songbird -Bernard Fanning - Chris_1993
|21.| Lovingly re-arrange the thoughts that make you blue
|22.| And you just sorta wasted my precious time - Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright - Bob Dylan - Shelton10
|23.| Everybody looks and stares, I’d just like to make you mine, all mine - Give it up - KC and the Sunshine Band - Koala
|24.| And all the lights that lead us there are blinding - Wonderwall - Oasis - BAAKKEERRR
|25.| I’ll never live to match the beauty again - Seven Wonders - Fleetwood Mac - Humble_Minion

  1. Peace sells by Megadeth


1 And She Was - Talking Heads
17 Mean To Me - Crowded House


2 Sure shot - Beastie Boys

12 She came in through the bathroom window - Beatles

23 Foxy Lady - Hendrix - (nope)


24 Wonderwall - Oasis




18 Fake Plastc Trees - Radiohead


6 Heaven by Eurogliders


Incorrect, but amusingly so, so thank you.


Yeah, I just double checked. It was the “mine, all mine”, that hooked me, then it was all I could hear.


Subtitle to 5. is, “… but who’s buyin’?”


On the album but not the song (but it’s needed for the theme???)

Is 9 a Beck song? Seems so familiar…


Peace Sells is correct, as I’m sure you know and as I’m also sure Yossarian is pointing out as we speak.
The album is the full thing.

I mean I kinda need the subtitle for my thing to work.


9 is a bit more modern than any Beck song I’d put in a quiz.


25 is fleetwood mac - seven wonders.

And #16 is playing in my head right now, i know the artist but the title is escaping me aaaargh.


Got it! 16 is midnight oil - sometimes


10 is Closing Time by Semi Sonic


9 is thrift shop?

Edit: by Macklemore


1, Lady Don’t Mind - T/Hedz