The ‘My God I Had A Good/ Bad Day’ thread

If you’ve had a spectacularly great day or an incredibly shiiiiit day then this is the thread for you to cheer us up or get some encouragement. Purposely started after ANZAC Day to avoid crashing the server I’m starting it today because I’ve had an absolute cracker of a day. My little girl who has a spinal condition had her six monthly check up today and for the first time, it looks like she has a chance she could avoid multiple spinal fusions. To top it off we went to the aquarium where she had an absolute ball. Now three :wine_glass: down we’ve just finished Finding Nemo on the couch and I’m thinking life’s pretty good-except for the Bombers being ■■■■ - but still - walking through the Royal Children’s this morning you realise AFL really is just a game so don’t beat yourself up too much about it!


I don’t want to top you mate but I found 2 bucks down the back of the couch. I win, right?


PS - they really do Gods work at the Children’s.

Our 6 month old had to to have some injections there because she had an adverse reaction to some previous injections (went blue and hospitalised). However that’s nothing compared to what some of the poor kids and parents there go through. After one day there and seeing what goes on I went straight home and immediately donated a grand. They do incredible work.

Fantastic news about your daughter my friend


Onya Mackster!


Awesome day Mackster, well done to you and your girl.


Wow - a grand - that’s saying something!

That’s fkn excellent Mackster, … and as you point out, … AFL is a game, … and ultimately as inconsequential as something could get, … like,… EVER!

You must be stoked. Have a great weekend mate, … you’ve earnt it.


Awesome stuff Mackster, this actually makes me happy despite my Essendon misery.

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Agreed my cousin has no immune system. A cold probably kills him. He spent so much time over the years he’s on a priority ambulance. And every time theyve gone above and beyond


That’s great news for your girl and family Mackster.

And what a cutie pie she is too.

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Great post, Mackster.

Thanks for introducing some perspective in a crap week… all the best to you and your daughter!

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Thread is not fully delivering on its title.

Agreed, and Mackster’s daughter is waaaayy too young to be drinking three glasses of wine.

You a ■■■■■■ Rechabite mate?

I drove the great ocean road today. Was the best drive I’ve ever done


All credit to the EFC.

Made it over the westgate. Surprising

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Saturday night I heard a siren. Looked out the front and fire trucks everywhere, cos a joint about 500m away from us (across a little gully park) fully alight. It’s a very quiet area, and no street lighting in the park, so we could hear almost everything.
Firies on the loudspeaker asking anyone inside to get out, could hear their CB radio going, beams falling, bits of roofing twisting.

From what I can tell, no one died or injured, but house proper ■■■■■■.

So that was a bit close to home. Glad I changed the smoke alarm batteries…

HAP delivers!