The New-Look Forum Feedback Thread


cool, thanks :)


Why do i get a tapatalk app thing at the top of my ipad screen?

Edit: its gone


i am playing version ping pong again after trying to join chat on my mobile last night. Can you please reset me rolo. CHeers






i could be wrong, i could have accidentally bumped full version but it sure as hell seemed like chat dumped me into full version when i tapped the text box to start typing in chat.


Yeah I wouldn’t know if the chat is mobile optimised or not.


Can someone have a look at the swear filter?


Seriously, [email protected]????


■■■■■■ strap


Request: Can I have my swear filter removed like reboot?


you don't know how to dodge it? 


I don't want to dodge it, I want to say ■■■■ and ■■■■!!




Fark swear filters.


flower swear filters.










Everyone should have this gif as a sig!


Hey Riolio, the time on the forum hasn’t changed along with the Daylight savings. Is that something we as posters must change manually or the admins job?



From memory I have it set to real earth time (read: Queensland). Each poster can change their settings individually to allow for DST.