The number 3 guernsy

King Richard's number, and one of our most famous.... I had been having a theory in recent years this jumper had been cursed... ever since Salmon vacated, and it appears Chappy may have finally broken the curse! (at least I hope)


Here are the stats on the number (cos I was a little bored over lunch)


Salmon last wore the jumper in 1995, in the 19 seasons since, the jumper has played 150 games (as of the Richmond game) across 4 players.  Hard to believe one of our most famous numbers has played so few games.


Chappy has played 16 games this year to date, the 7th time in 19 seasons the jumper passed 10 games.  16 is equal to 1997 (Ryan O'Connor), and beaten only by Gumby's 17 in 2010, and Henneman's 19 in 2001.  If Chappy can play the remaining 3 games + 1 final, it would be the first time the jumper hit 20 games in a seasons since 1993


I know other jumpers have probably fared worse, but for a famous one, some really rough luck



I thought he was still on our LTI list :(

Gumb..... jeez,  every now and then in life,  you get a dud ,  running the country,  running your football club, running the company you work for,  working for you, or trying to prove their fitness and get a game with your club.  ■■■ that poor bloke.  Took the curse with him when he went west.

And Will Hams will one day wear it and play 150!!

Give it to Stanton and give Heppell no 5.


Very much maligned and misunderstood.


-Eberneeza Goode

Very much maligned and misunderstood.


-Eberneeza Goode

Something in the corner of my memory has just triggered the thought of MDMA...