The Overrated Thread


Venice is lovely - just get up super early. I watched the sunrise in Venice half a dozen times with almost no other people and it was magic.

I agree on Paris though.


l had 2 months living in France in 2007, near Bergerac. It was great. l would go back anytime.

  1. Visit iconic location
  2. Hang out with all the tourists
  3. ■■■■■ about how touristy and overated said location is.


Bondi beach



The most over-rated thing in the history of things.
Best beach in the world?
It’s not the best beach within 100k.


All while actually being_ a tourist.


Nirvana (the band)


add Oasis to that list. Particlarly ‘Wonderwall’, one of the most unlistenable songs I’ve heard. The vocalist sounds like Frank Walker From National Tiles pubescent teenage son


Two bands at the forefront of a change in pop culture.






ROSE McGowan


Seen 'em live?


Yeah saw them here. It was a entertaining show


Seems harsh.
They’re better than, I dunno, Whitesnake, Poison, that sort of stuff. Status Quo?
What are you rating them against?


I’m not rating them against anything, I just don’t think their music is great. It’s all very, very much the same to me, all their songs sound too similar, I went because well, just to say I’ve seen them and experience it.


I never said it was sht. Just overrated.


I just saw the F1 Racing thread above this one and thought hang on …


Should be the subtitle for the thread. Fairly precious at BB.


It’s true and it’s something that they admit. They’ve admitted that they can’t believe they’ve made so much money releasing the same album every year.


Can’t believe I was actually, momentarily, tempted to enter this discussion…