The Overrated Thread


I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean to discourage anyone.
Tell me what you think is over-rated.
No more judging.


Nah, I was speaking more along the lines of the circularity of the discussion, re. Nirvana and Oasis and culture, etc. After beginning a response I realised I don’t have the energy. Anyroad… wasn’t having a go… carry on.


Take that back


ACDC was the first band I ever saw live. Music bowl, when I was 13. Without my mum or dad. That can never be overrated


Hilton? Fkn concur!


Your farkin wankey $3million whiskey.
With it’s oh-so-cinnamon& farkin Christmas fruit overtones.
There, I said it.
Come at me.


Is it you don’t like whiskey or you don’t like flaky/pretentious descriptions of whiskey?



I feel 100% that way about bourbon.
It’s not for everyone.


I’ll own up to not liking whiskey. I never developed a taste for it. In fact, growing up as a teenager, I abused alcohol so much, that I gave up drinking altogether in my early 20’s. I still don’t drink wine or whiskey, but do enjoy many spirits, and fortifieds.


And don’t get me started on Southern Comfort - the drinkable aftershave…


So did I until my recent trip to New Orleans. Drank many great Bourbons, and my favourite bar had 76 varieties. I only tried 23.


I’m not overly keen on Whiskey either, having my formative years shaped by blends that were bottled in Kewdale rather than fancy 21 yo single malts however, I’ve come to like Japanese whiskey. Not the aged varieties so much (which are very nice), rather the cheaper blended versions mixed with soda. We went highball crazy in Sapporo recently. I’d have a lunchtime whiskey + soda then hit the slopes. Couldn’t feel the cold. It was great.




I don’t drink whiskey bit bugman does. Those highballs in Japan are deadly!


Lana Del Rey.
Songs written by committee.
Botoxed to buggery.


Road upgrades.

Massive disruption for years, and for what? Has a road ever flowed any better as a result of an upgrade?


ring road flowed really well when it was being upgraded and the speed cameras didn’t work…


Short answer is yes.


Nah. Wider roads just attract more cars. It’s a zero sum game. Does the Monash flow any better now than 10 years ago?


Yeah, I’d reckon. Tunnels really helped, … and when they joined the Sth Eastern to the Monash and I still remember when the Westgate opened.

Eastlink,… Ring roads. 4 or 5 lanes will always be better than 3, … for a while at least.

It’s not that the wider roads attract more cars btw, … it’s just there’s way more fkn cars.

We need way better PT, and for people to use it, … but that’s a whole other convo, and like pissinn in the wind, … still.