The Overrated Thread



David myers protecting blitzers since (whenever he was drafted) 2009?


Nup. 2007. Drafted at #6 overall.

Easy to see how you could have forgotten those first two years.

Challenges Bolton for our least performed first round pick that eked out 10 years at the club.


David myers looks like daniel day lewis, and is about as repentative:


Something from my left foot would be more appropriate


Thanks, BD - this is gold.

Except - totally looks like our second half of the 2012 season.


Did he abandon his child?


The bull run is fine. This cheese thing looks ■■■■■■■ deadly tho.


Tim Tam biscuits


Are you insane?




Clearly this man has never executed the perfect Tim Tam Slam !




I went to Venice at the start of winter a few years ago. There were little to no tourists. I was blown away by it. I found the cicchetti bars to be friendly cosy and cheap. They let doggos in too. Also it didnt smell in winter and you could walk the tight ancient streets mostly alone. It was one of the more enchanting travel experiences i’ve ever had.

Back on topic… Apple products


Can confirm.


Conor McKenna


Tim Tams overrated? Are you fkn joking



Sure, they’re much better than Oreos… but so is syphilis.


I’m genuinely shocked by this to the extent that I’m now questioning the validity of every other post you’ve ever made.


Double choc or standard. The rest can gtfo.