The Overrated Thread




I think I saw banana / choc tim tams a while back.


Look, … we all know there’s little better than sucking coffee through a cornered Tim Tam, and letting it explode in the gob while you’re off your nut, … but seriously, beyond that, … I’d take a Monte Carlo or a Venetian over Timmys any day.

And I really don’t get the Oreo hate, … they’re just like perfect dunking size mini Delta Creams, … how wrong could that be??


Subway cookies are pretty mad. The chewy ones they’ve probably been gathering dust for ages are epic.


if you must buy an arnotts biscuit. caramel crowns.


I must buy an Arnott’s biscuit.
Tic tocs, hundreds and thousands, those Neapolitan wafer things, teddy bears, scotch finger…just all of them.

Other biscuits are pants.




Aldi variety creams or whatever they are.


Yeah, I don’t like the cream ones either, so I tried the peanut ones, yum, I buy 1 or 2 packets now when I go to Aldi.


Aldi variety biscuits are always better than the name brand ones.

Also I’m not saying that above is overrated.


Just saw this for the first time and lost my ****.


AKA “furphy”.


Hold up. Why are they overrated? Absolutely no one alive rates them for how they feel.


Teddy Bears and Malt O Milks - I’ve personally kept Arnotts afloat with my addiction to these things.


Malt o Milks are the business



that was a weird thing to do


Wagon Wheels.

Dry flavourless biscuit with 0.000001mm of jam and cream covered in gross chocolate.


The culture of dishes always needing to be shared when eating out. Sure, sometimes it works, but other times I just want a steak or pasta or whatever and I want to eat it myself. Equally, you can have your spicy pomegranate, zoodle and autumn leaf salad all to yourself.


What’s a stronger reaction than “annoy”? I agree with this sentiment but this thread is not enough for how I really feel.