The Overrated Thread


Certainly aint what they used to be, … but then, not much is.


Hand maids tale. Garbage. Half the show is just prolonged stares and silence. If they cut that out the episodes would be 20 minutes long.


It was not always thus. Back in the day, they were justifiably rated.


Imagination is not your strong suit, is it.


Oh no, I’m quite imaginative.

For example, during those long pauses I will vividly imagine all the other things I could be watching, then go and watch them instead.


You confuse imagination with impatience, Grasshopper.


Kinda with him on this, … lots of pointless time spent on close ups.

Heard something about Elisabeth Moss saying that you should NOT binge watch the show. I agree totally, and for that exact reason. There’s only so much of that sort of stuff you can take in one evening.


I thought the first season was brilliant.

The second season painfully slow. There is nothing new. Nothing interesting it’s just a rehashing of the first.


Wife wanted to watch it. Tune in to seeing some old lady holding a young Sheila’s hand over a gas burner just for fun.

Yeah, no thanks.


I can’t stand dystopian shows. Seen too many in my time…no more.


Kylie Minogue


I read the book and thought it was silly. I have no interest in watching the show.



Kylie’s great!


Brioche buns

It’s slightly softer than normal bread

It’s four times the price of normal bread

It’s yellow

It tastes a little bit worse



Always seemed to have a faint smell of rancid butter to me when I tried it.

Thought it might have been off before use by initially,… but multiple trials proved the same, … even though it tasted alright, I gave it the flick.

Far too much fat & sugar in it anyway for me, … much prefer a Croissant if I’m indulging in Buttery french breadstuffs. …


Ah… maybe you never knew them in the 70’s when they were double the size and thickness they are now.
Like bbq shapes and sunnyboys, they got downsized, dumbed-down and ingredients were scrimped on till they became a shadow of their former selves.


BBQ shapes?
Say it isn’t so!


When was the last time you had a 2-3 cm deep pool of red & green sprinkles at the bottom of a bag?
Holding the bag up to your mouth and sinking the sprinkles in one salty hit was one of life’s great joys!


Savoury Shapes are my go, and even when they changed, they were still the best.


Tastes good with Lamb, for some reason, weird with everything else.

But yeah, hipster pricing going on there.