The Overrated Thread


Wow, this is sensational. Totally agree.


They do now. Once upon a time cities built enormous elevated roadways before cars were even evented. In terms of infrastructure at least, we don’t invest in the future anymore, we only invest in short term dividends to share holder.

As an aside, how the fark can they not build a station for the new Metro at South Yarra


Hell, I can answer that one. It is a Liberal electorate; tit for tat !!!

When was the last time the Liberals built anything in Melton ?

Not saying it is good though !!


It’s also rubbish.


yeah with the old fella here.

you ■■■■■ are ■■■■■■.


What you get up to in privacy is your own business I suppose. No need to share.


Coffee is garbage.


You tools are the sort who are just about to turn 100, and say “tomorrow I celebrate my 100th birthday, and I’ve never drunk alcohol or coffee, smoked or consorted with ladies of doubtful morals” and you say “yes, but how do you celebrate?”.

Get out in the morning and have a nice cup of coffee, you dull, miserable wowsers. Luxuriate in the smell and taste of this wonderful elixir.


djr doesn’t like coffee or hot chips.

which genius made him a mod?


Shut up druggies.

(Actually, I never really got to that stage, ‘cause it tastes and smells horrid.)


Love my Coffee.

Loving my Dilmah Extra strength right now though.

Gee it’s a good Tea.


Pods deserve to be with masterfood chicken salt, in the bin.


Ooh, celebrate with a coffee!

Hardcore Noons.

There are at least 100 better substances to celebrate with, and they all taste better than coffee.


I love the smell of fresh coffee, but it tastes farking terrible.


I love coffee but I rarely have one outside of home. 4+ bucks is too much when it’s usually crap


The smell is awful, as is the taste.

I had a friend who claimed to love coffee but put like 5 sugars and milk in it. I had to tell her, she did not like coffee.


Yep. I rarely drink coffee any more, but i don’t get adding a heap of sugar. If you’re adding 2 plus sugars you don’t like coffee, you like sugar.


mmmmmm coffee


Never EVER have I been as disappointed with you, as I am right now !


I doubt that’s true.