The Overrated Thread


While I agree that any more than two sugars is…odd, I’m not sure I follow the logic.
Does that mean that people who drink coke don’t actually like cola?

Edit: I get similar shade for having raita with hot Indian.


Id suggest that people have never tried a cola drink in an unsweetened form, so I’m not sure the comparison is fair- people only know its flavour in the highly sweetened soft drink form. I’m sure if people had an unsweetened cola drink (if indeed it they do exist somewhere) then theyd probably not like it.

So maybe youre right, but its not fair comparison imo


I drink Coke Zero all the time. I think it has zero sugar.

Yeah I know.


That stuff goes surprisingly well with bourbon.


Yeah too many bourbon and cokes makes you sick from the sugar.

Prefer bourbon or rum with Coke Zero.


Love coffee, twice a day.


Good choice. Billy Tea is another fave of mine.


Beyonce is ■■■■■■■ garbage.

People swoon over her but her music is legit the epitome of generic boring as fk RnB/ rap/ wannabe gangster trash that every second song tries to sound like.


Oh, fark yes!!

Even worse than that though… just as Radiohead spawned a whole host of pale imitators (Travis, Coldplay etc.), she has given rise to a whole generation of over-singers who are even more ■■■■-house than she is. All of them are just as bad as Mariah Carey when it comes to I’ve-got-4-octaves-and-I’m-going-to-use-every-single-fkn-note, fingernails down a blackboard style trilling.
Pure excrement…


And when did the crap she does become R&B? It’s farking production line dross. Has about as much to do with R&B as ABBA!


I love ABBA!


But R&B actually means Repetitive & Boring, … right?


Commercial channels would have us believe rnb began in the 90s. Little resemblance to the earlier version.


Some of ABBA is OK but, like all artists, there is a lot of dross.


Nice to know there is somebody else who thinks the savoury shapes are the best - would be more norf supporters I would think as I have never encountered anybody with this preference before.




All ABBA songs sound the same. The vocals are also incredibly grating.



The ■■■■■■■ Logies


But if you said you like chocolate and like anything but dark the same argument could be had!