The Overrated Thread


Food Vans.

Wait in a queue for 10 minutes to have your “authentic [insert nationality here] street food” order taken by a beardy twat with a topknot (all the while paying five times the price you’d ever pay in the originating country).

Stand around waiting for another 15 minutes to get your order.

Rinse and repeat at another food van to get the rest of your meal and finally feel sated.


As part of my previous job I used to inspect these types and took great joy making hipster foodies lives miserable.
Made one of them get a beard net once.




They should all wear them, … in fact, full face/head nets.

If I wanted to eat fkn whiskers, . I’d get a cat.


You can’t make them but where’s the fun in tellin em that.
There’s so much of the second part of your post I want to run with but it wouldn’t end well.


MrJez in the DJ thread.


Great call. Most overrated thing ever, most food cans.


Think all the good ones have vanished.

In Northcote there was a pretty good scene for a while when they didn’t need a permit. Some of them were owner operator. Now they’re just the sort of crap food you would see at The Show or outside the footy.



Most of them still are owner operator. It’s a flooded market now though.

If you see El Chivi (Uruguayan steak sangas), get it into your facehole, pronto.


Where’s the David Myers Premiership card?


Yarraville. Overrated. Went there for the first time last weekend and couldnt for the life of me figure out what was good about it. If you to eat brunch hey you are in store becuase it seems thats all the food places there cater for (the 10 or so that are actually there). Probably a nice place to live in since its filled with young hippies, but other than that theres nothing there.


People rate Yarraville?


Dunno, always hear people talking it up and my curiosity got the better of me


Housing is/was cheap there. That’s about the extent of it.


was, definitely was.


That area was very popular amongst the ladies who wear comfortable shoes a few years back.


Birkenstock central.


Zippo electric guitars


You are so sixties AN !