The Overrated Thread


I know. If I won that the first question would be, how the ■■■■ do I get rid of the Zippo billshit.


How’s it compare with where you live?


Love my Birkenstocks.


With Footscray? I dunno, apples and oranges.


You didn’t go that far then, did you?
Footscray is getting quite hip nowadays, anyway. I like the area - some of it, anyway.


Yeah it’s slowly getting there but 80% of it is still the old dodgy as ■■■■ Chinese groceries/ African wares. I don’t think till change dramatically until all the new apartment buildings go up.


The Sun theatre is the best cinema around by miles. Refurbished Art Deco theatres with nice comfy chairs and you can get a glass of wine and bring it in. Normal cinema price, none of this Gold Class gouging. Other than that there’s a couple of decent restaurants and the new upstairs at the Railway Hotel is nice. I don’t think I’ve ever seen brunch served at the Japanese restaurant, the two Thai restaurants, the Cambodian, the two mexican and the 3 places that do pizza and italian, the fish n chip shop or the tapas bar.


I’m thinking alex is the type of person that’s not easily impressed. I’m much the same.


Would be fascinating to see you two have an introductory conversation, then :slight_smile:


Horse racing.


Is the Sausage King still there?

Also the Greek restaurant was the shiz.

I suspect nothing has changed at all since I lived opposite ilja Grgic in 2001.


Brilliant place. Haven’t been there in ages. Does the owner’s cat still wander around?


I think that’s Andrew’s Choice Artisal Smallgoods. A bit has changed. The Alfa bakery is more like a cafe now than a bakery. The pub has been through two renovations the latest adding a rooftop bar area which is pretty good. The street outside the Sun Theatre has been closed off and is now a hangout with faux grass and some sculptures. Other than that not much can change really other than a few places changing hands e.g. the upstairs old school cigar bar Aqua e Vino is now a modern groovy joint called Johnny’s Emporium.


I haven’t noticed the cat. The theatre is still doing very good business.




if you’re a cat then it’s walking down stairs


You like women too, don’t you?


Not all of them, of course, but a good percentage.




I heard the following description recently, which I think sums them up perfectly.

The best part of a cucumber tastes like the worst part of a watermelon.