The Overrated Thread


Yeah I mean what’s the point? Seriously.


My Neighbor had a shitload one year, and gave me heaps, most of which I redistributed, but having some straight from the Garden, I thought, I’ve never had a “Cucumber Sandwich” and figured there’d never be a better Cucumber to try one with.
I’d always wondered, why? What could possibly have driven people to make a Cuke sanga, and moreover, how could they continue to do so having run the experiment,… ??

I researched and found the trditional recipe, … and you know what? … I wound up making quite a few as long as those fresh Cukes were coming. They were/are absolutely nothing like you’d buy at Woolies or Coles.


Cucumber sandwiches deserve to go in the underrated thread. Thoroughly enjoyable. The soft dry bread contrasted with the cool, crisp, moist cucumber is a great combo.


GTFO. This is the overrated thread. Cucumbers love here.


Cucumbers with bite marks are suspicious


Cats and cucumbers are the best combo





You and your euphemisms, you tiger you.


I’ve come around to them since they started appearing in gin and tonic.


Have they made any other appearances?




I think it’s just because it’s Friday and it’s been a long week and I’m pretty drawn out, but your shortening of cucumbers into “cuke” is genuinely off putting.


I love cucumbers. A staple on the Doe’s dinner table, and for my work lunches.
Fond memories, as a kid, getting a cucumber from the folk’s garden.




That may well be the strangest thing I’ve ever read on here.


I like cucumber but not on its own.
A bit of cheese and lettuce.
And I think we can all agree there’s only one lettuce, right?


there’s more than one lettuce, but I will say that iceberg is highly highly under-rated and unfairly banished ahead of more trendier lettuces.

As for rocket - shop bought and restaurants - typically crap. Homegrown - superb. At least the one I grow.


I dunno, I’m with simmo.


That’s seriously odd. Da faqs wrong with Cuke?


Cucumbers are for eating.