The Overrated Thread


Is there a Hip with da kidz newly invented meaning for the word Cuke or something?


Rhymes with ‘puke’?


Nahhhh, … what?

Really? :no_mouth:


Cucumbers forward or back?


this is a thread about cucumbers and no other things.

how cuke.


Cuke me, you dirty cuker


There was a bloke at work who was a cucumber. His name was Gourdon.


Cukin’ hell, that’s interesting.


I admit I rarely discuss cucumbers in a social setting, but I can confidently say I’ve never heard that abbreviation.

That and it sounds like a cross between cuck and puke.


Why not both


And yet nothing ever gets mentioned about the word Puck??

Some serious lingual discrimination going on here one might suspect.


Is a puck elongated and slippery?
No, is it?
IS IT???



Ohhh, … you wanna go there?

Lets just not get started on Zukes, … pls.


delightfully seasoned cuke right there.


Puke on my zuke 'n cuke




Unlike Joey D, AMIRITE


If true, I will stop at nothing to possess it.



One type of lettuce.
That is good for anything other than pushing to the side of your counter meal with the alfalfa and whatever the hell else they put in there.

Edit: I don’t know how many times I’ve thought, ‘You know what would be good with this steak? Some ■■■■■■■ alfalfa.’