The Overrated Thread




The hell am I meant to do with this high powered rifle now?


I have quite the list if you’re taking suggestions.


I think what’s going on here is that you’re a bit upset that people don’t like the word/abbreviation that you seem to have made up :grin:


Lots of likes for this comment. In keeping with the original purpose of the thread:



fark me that farkin cracked me uop hahahahahahahahaha


How many Oxford commas cuke have?


…*Backs out of thread slowly after it finally goes all the way through the looking glass.


There are cuke commas, and then there are cuke commas.


Altogether too much and puke in this thread. Speaking of overrated, Chasers in the 90’s



BSD has his own language. Example: the insane nicknames he makes up for all the players that never ever ever catch on.

"Michael Hurley? Reminds me of the Irish game called hurling! Hurling is administered by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). One of the main clubs in that association is the Cork GAA.

Cork, huh?!

From now on, everyone must call him ‘Champagne’ Hurley."




Think I stumbled upon that video on the internet a while ago.

Strangest cooking clip I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure.


Wait…did you get voted out on a Eurythmics song?
How did that happen?


For some reason, I am reminded of Jennifer Connelly in “Requiem For a Dream”.

Mmmmmmmm… Jennifer Connelly


I know, right? Truth be told it was an Annie Lennox solo song, but my rage remains!


you’re proper cuked.


Cuke to cuke, eh?


2 girls 1 cuke