The Overrated Thread


I wonder what @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS will be thinking as he munches his next cuke sandwich?


I guess I should’ve been in here 4 months ago, but… huh?!


Wow - I have…no idea, actually!


Haha, play on then!


You should’ve written it as a Limerick.

BSD reckons Michael Hurley

reminds him of that game hurling.

He heard some talk

that Michael played the game for Cork

So from now on, everyone must call him ‘Champagne’ Hurley.


Requiem for a Dream may be the weirdest spank bank material I have ever heard of.


It’s been many years since I’ve seen it (once) but I remember loving it.


What did Mrs decky think of it?


It was a different Mrs Decky at the time, but she liked it.


That is so funny, because it’s all so true


Nice. Have you tried octopus and cucumber sunomono? Magnif stuff.


Cucumber in gin and tonic is not just overrated. It’s plain 100% wrong. Like a “dirty” martini. I mean who in their right mind would take a perfectly good martini and tip salt water into it?

You can argue about exactly how much vermouth should be in the martini with the gin. You can argue about whether to add a dash of orange bitters or not. Olive or twist of lemon is always a question for the individual. But there’s only one type of vermouth to use (Noilly Prat Original Dry), and you do NOT add brine or lemon juice or any other damn thing.


How about just octopus sunomono? Is that an option?


I guess you could omit the cucumbers & just eat the octopus with some wakame seaweed. Tastes better with cucumbers, though. Rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, salt & away you go.


Won’t argue brine martini with you, I despise that stuff. But cucumber in a gnt is refreshing and doesn’t sour the concoction like lemon or lime. It’s 100% right if you’re not in the mood for the citrus. Come summer I defy you not to refresh your palate and your thinking.


Before the days when tonic became the thing with gin, l used to drink gin with Schweppes Bitter Lemon. Then they took it off the market everywhere, but in Vietnam. Hey presto! One of my faves was back.


They’re lazy


Still have it here.
Put some with vodka the other day.


Good to hear. l thought it had been taken off the market. Does it till contain quinine?


Didn’t get a full preseason.