The Overrated Thread


So he’s your Darcy Parish of cinema then?


I don’t mind Parish as a support act but this guy should not even be on the screen.


What a thing for Australia to be known for - a putrid, salty goo which is effectively the boiled-dry scum leftover from boiling vegetables.


im noticing a pattern with you mr reboot


You are an observant man mr olds


Agree. Still clearly remember being a preppy and constantly smelling everyone else’s gross vegemite and butter sangas. If it wasn’t vegemite it was kraft peanut butter, which also smells like ■■■■. :face_vomiting:



Don’t forget the base ingredient: The yeast residue left at the bottom of the ferment tank during the industrial brewing process.

Yes, Vegemite is effectively yeast faeces and vegetable snot.


Leftover scum from fermentation is a pretty good metaphor for how (Anglo) Australia was founded.


If anyone slagging the mighty V here eats Maccas or KFC, or even meat pies and hot dogs at the footy for that matter, you’re having a lend. Have your popcorn chicken, my vegemite toast will see me through the next hangover nicely thanks, minus lips, ■■■■.holes, actual faeces etc


Not a bad effort to build one of the safest, fairest, strongest democracies on the planet from the dregs of society thrown on the other side of the world with pretty much zero society building skills in an unknown but very hostile environment, though.

Also, Vegemite is awesome.


So Un Australian.

Just sad really.


I’d be hoping Dutton would be doing the right thing and removing the citizenship of anyone bagging Vegemite…but no…just wants to bag out Africans.


A lucky country, run mainly by second-rate people who share it’s luck.


Bet you cracked a Horne with that quote, except that he knew not to put an apostrophe in “it’s”


How lucky they were to be separated from their families by what may as well have been a trillion ■■■■■■■ miles and dumped into a place where they didn’t understand the first thing about surviving there.

Oooooooh, lucky.


No, no, no and no thankyouverymuch…
They (along with Vegemite) can all firmly get ■■■■■■!!!


inb4 “mcu fanboi lol”

MCU movies are good old storytelling in almost it’s simplest form. Basically “Hero’s Journey” with different coats of paint.

There’s loads of non-MCU movies on offer all of the time with good stories/characters/chemistry… but no one goes to see 'em.

-edit- forgot I was in the Overrated thread. I like them, but yes they are very overrated


This doesn’t sound at all over rated to me.



Whilst at it Black Panther.

Yes, its possible to put together a great cast of african american actors. But geez talk about a movie which went almost an hour too long and followed such a predictable script.