The Overrated Thread


Couldn’t figure out the hype. But then I haven’t enjoyed much in that universe, it’s all a bit silly and up its own ■■■■. Enjoyed Deadpool though.




Well, that was unexpected.


But pleasant


See the more I look at any Australian parliament, party, state govt or council, the more I agree with the (full) quote.

We end up getting where we need to go, despite our leaders. Not because of them.


Yeah, I get that.
I was off on a tear.


What sort?


Turned out yummy.


Then you’re doing it wrong.


First recorded incidence of black face


The Port Jackson Jive.


On holidays at present, saw these in the local Woolies.



What exactly are you trying to say?


Woolies and Coles are a bit overrated.


Maybe so, but they speak BSDs language!


Did someone on Blitz copyright the spelling? Cos Cukes are Cukes are Cukes and never the Quke shall eat.


Never let it be said that Woolies don’t cater to the lowest common denominator… I look forward to preparing a Sall, mixing some of them with some tommies, carries and roquette…


The lowest common denominator are buying cucumbers?


No, ■■■■■ who can’t spell (or are incapable of using words of greater than one syllable) are…


I reckon this is vindication for @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS myself. Everyone thought he was nuts, myself included. A cuken lunatic, one might say. But he has been vindicated! Cukes/qukes is now officially an actual thing (it seems)