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Quick flight


Safe travels.


Ingrown hair sorted overnight.

Getting a 1.5 hour wait time on a repairer to come out and one shows up in 20 minutes does the job in 5 minutes and your friday nights not ruined.

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Buderim Ginger Bears back on the supermarket shelves - disappeared from the sweets section, now with the dried fruit, hidden away on the bootom shelf with the preserved ginger items.

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Thanks BA, I’ve been looking for them.

I got mine at Woolworths. There is an alternative, not as good Indonesian sweet Gingerbon, on sale at some Asian food stores, occasionally at Reject style shops.

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Swimming in mud with elephants.


Thanks, I’ve missed them, they are yum.

Was given some Ginger Ninjas by a friend, coz couldn’t find the Bears. They’re very nice too.

Going to get some Bears tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Beware the Woolworths unchristiallised ginger ( from imported ingredients) which has replaced Buderim Naked Ginger - more sugar and which cannot be distinguished from chritialiised ginger.
From what I understand, Buderim has refused to be a party to supermarket tactics of getting manufacturers/distributors to promote products to get them on the shelves or in a prominent position on the shelves.
At least, Budetim Ginger Refresher is still on the shelves,.


I buy my naked ginger direct from Buderim in 1kg bags. Cuts the A-hole supermarkets out of the equation.



I used to get dessicated ginger from Middle East shops, of Iranian\Syrian origian, , which beat the Buderim naked ginger, but conflicts and sanctions stopped that source. I wish Buderim could try to make something similar - diabetics would love it.
Thanks for your spelling contributions AN,

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In the French language, “y” is denoted as “I grec”

Didnt know where to post it, but;

Getting married in 5 minutes.

It’ll be a positive if she shows…


Congrats, wishing you and your bride a happy future. Have a great day.:clinking_glasses::champagne:

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I’m never sure whether to offer Congratulations, or Commiserations at such times, … so I just say Good Luck.

Good Luck. :+1:



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