The positive thread. find something, anything


Or vegan?


Was it BOVRIL?


Cool people don’t drink bovril.






EAD you sorry excuse for a human being!

Hope you get hit by a car crossing the street you flog.


He’ll probably go and play somewhere overseas.


With the collapse of Carnegie Clean Energy, Mike Fitzpatrick’s share value went from $11m to $400k to zero.


Marvellous. That’s just great.


Which in those days was considered a lot of money.


Sundays after a win.


Offering to relieve someone and send them off for a break:
‘Do you want to go get a tea or a coffee?’
‘Red wine?’
‘Probably a little early for that.’


My schadenfreude is peak after this wonderful news.


Oh boy. Wait till @sorfed finds out about this and writes about it in the climate change thread.


I don’t care how that slimy Carlton prick loses his money I 'm just happy he did.


11 day break starting from now.


And a LOT of footy to watch while on break. 10 out of the next 11 days.


Turns out that Fitzpatrick also made $2m loan to the company to keep it afloat - but then he’s probably a secured creditor.


Essendon’s first half.



(We were having a go before then, but were only slightly less hapless than Norf.)