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Are you sure?


It’s certainly an interesting time for Box Hill.
Makes you, well…alright me, wonder what would have happened if they put VFL Park on a train line or close to a freeway.

I know a doctor who was given the choice of regional centres to start their career at, back in the day, Bendigo or Box Hill.

It’s so far managed to avoid becoming, well…a slum is too harsh, but I guess one of those places where you worry.
I guess that the housing, while becoming more high density, isn’t low priced helps.

Sure keeps us busy, though.
They’re going to have to either make a Box Hill style hospital at Maroondah or upgrade us again at this rate.

Edit: And well done to the people behind building a new hospital here just a few short years ago. It would have been…I don’t want to be hyperbolic but…let’s say extremely bad without it.


I’m much closer to Maroondah than Box Hill. Every doctor and nurse I know says that when you’ve got an issue - unless the sick person is dying imminently, take the extra 10 mins and drive to Box Hill (and I took that advice only this week)

I’ve heard in terms of worst metro hospitals - it’s Frankston by a whisker, followed by Maroondah with daylight to anyone else.


Wasn’t VFL park next to the Monash?! But yes agree totally with the general point


Maroondah’s just not big enough, and it’s dated.
The ED waiting room have fixed plastic high school seats. Not a fun way to spend four hours when you’re sick.

Once you’re in, then the care you get is excellent, but they’re just forced to deal with 2020 expectations with 1960s facilities.


The kids were so quiet I could spend period 1 on Blitz. Here’s hoping for Period 2.


You realise you’re the Newman character?


I wouldn’t believe any of that. Nurses are nurses, doctors are doctors, buildings are buildings, gadgets that go ping are gadgets that go ping.
You can luck out and get a plonker caregiver anywhere.


Yeah that’s all fair. Was a genuine question. It’s not what I hear from medical professionals though. Who knows


Positive note for the day - I had three lessons where the students were quiet and well-behaved enough for me to spend some time on Blitz.
Looking forward to posting positive comments on the game tonight.
Be positive.


This made me feel so good the other day to the point of changing the ol avatar.


Well, my wife booked me a birthday dinner at Brae on Saturday night. So I’ll be completely distracted and enjoying myself, even if only for a couple of hours.


Is it weird that I know the parody word for word but can only remember the title of the original?


I think generally you get similar care but the “vibe” of the hospital can be very different depending on leadership.


It would be weirder if it was the other way round


guy wants to win - no matter how much it might hurt


This deserves its own thread.


Breaking news there. Anyone throwing boomerangs or playing cricket or walking to and from Northland knew about that one a looooooong time ago.

They used some kind of pesticide to kill the grass, so yes it takes time to get rid of it.




I’m assuming you play cricket and walk to Norfland?

Typical outrage from the council though. It’s an OH&S problem?