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humblebrag alert


People still wear Levi’s?


The stylish ones do.


Chromecast + KAYO.

All the sport I can handle and lots that I can’t. Screw you, AFL app.


I agree that it’s pretty damn good - although to be honest, I’m finding that I only watch Aussie Rules on it. Just no time for anything else, unfortunately.


Made this bin chicken and leek combination for dinner last night. Wasn’t bad.


I’m a bad man.


I’d try it at least.


WOOHOO!! No more financial worries for me!! :stuck_out_tongue:


And the US dollar is at about 70 cents, so that’s about $A1.7m.

The Milky Bars are on you.




Gotta love those Nigerians.
Them and Indian scammers pretending to be from the ATO are endemic plagues upon humanity.
Where is carpet nuclear bombing when it’s most needed?


Interestingly this scam is almost 150 years old


Watched some Wimmera junior footy on the weekend, which is probably enough to rate a mention in the positive thread.
Cars around the boundary, losing the ball in the early morning fog on the far side of the ground, breakfast burgers with homemade chilli sauce…all great stuff.

But I saw a 13 year-old who could really footy.
Kicked three goals in the first quarter of the under 14’s, taken off at half time and then went on to be best on ground in the under 17’s.
Not one of those early developers either, just quick and good skills.
Filipino descent.

Obviously early days, but it’s lovely to see a young talent like that.


U2 are playing their first ever gig in Singapore in Nov and managed to get tickets this morning, sweet!


wrong thread…


Saw U2, and being a footy site and all that, my first thought was “crikeys, under two is early to start them”. Second thought was “and the lucky buggers get a trip to Singapore”.


Haha, I can see where the confusion came in given that Wim was talking about junior footy immediately before my post :smile:


Know what you mean; I used to think that HIV was the Latin version of Hi-5.


Just found out Belle Gibson lives in northcote.

‘Northcote’s own…’ as they say.

I’m really intrigued by her case because, well because people are stupid. And when big companies want to take advantage of people being stupid it’s ok to cash in.

But when someone takes advantage of a big company, who couldn’t possibly have believed her remarkable story, they get taken to the cleaners.

I’ll be seeing if I can spot her down at ‘The Plaza’. Good set up there now, they have some new advertising signage, and Michels Patisserie has been replaced by a Fergusson Plare (not sure if that’s an upgrade or not). Rumour has it the Kmart is closing down, so be keen to see what it’s replaced with.