The positive thread. find something, anything


If you could keep us updated I’d really appreciate it.


I’ll start a new thread then.

Always something happening in northcote!!!

Miss, pls don’t delete.


Another Coles?


It’s exactly what they should do, but maybe not.

Not sure what the place really needs.
Got a shop that just sells nuts.
A place that ONLY sells DVDs and CDs.
Coffee shops that only attract the blue rinse set (rumour has it the coffee is pretty decent)
Coffee shops with incorrectly spelt name
3 pharmacies
About 4-5 trashy mum and dad $2 shops that only ever seem to be busy at Halloween
Food court that consists of 2 shops, neither of which ever have any customers.


Welcome to the Years shortest Day.:tada:

From Tomorrow, we start tipping back towards the Sun, and Summer.


Anyone got any Solstice events on??? :fire:


I don’t have any pants on, coinciding with a full moon. And a sun dial.

Does that count.


Is that puzzling giant boulder park/area/thingy still there?


Is this where the term ‘mooning’ came from?


Yeah it’s my birthday!

And I’m spending it at legoland in Deutschland


Happy birthday :partying_face: HG


Happy birthday, fellow crazy Gemini.


If I was in the Northern Hem & my Birthday fell on Mid Summers Night, … I think I’d likely be doing something involving Stonehenge, nakedness, mind altering vegetation and a sacrificial bottle of Vodka, in lieu of a Goat, … but each to their own… :wink:

Happy B/day HG. HAGO


Go to the model railway place in Hamburg. It’s awesome.


There’s a pretty good one in Nuremberg too. No shortage of great technology museums in Germany.


You’re done.

HB gurl.


A scene from Chasing Amy just ran through my mind. “It’s ya birthday. It’s ya birthday”. HBD, @Heffsgirl


Happy Birthday have a jug on us. Keep the twins happy.


Happy Birthday @Heffsgirl.

(*you can come back any time you like now: :slightly_smiling_face:)



Hot salty beef tea
who can resist