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Thanks all. Team Heff nearly capsized two boats on a sedentary legoland ride. Essington like.


# Will Ugandan gospel rapper’s version of Bombers song win over fans?

His version of Essendon’s theme song won over many Bombers fans last year.

Now Ugandan gospel rapper Kusaasira Edwin, also known as Coopy Bly, will be at Marvel Stadium tomorrow as his song is played before the Bombers clash with Greater Western Sydney.

A Ugandan gospel rapper has released a unique version of the Essendon club song.

The musician last year met a diehard Bombers fan who was working on a Rotary project in Uganda and was given a copy of the club’s song — which he reworked, complete with video.

Edwin told Essendon’s website he is now a “big fan” of the Bombers.

“I’m so excited, I can’t sleep until that,” Kusaasira Edwin said.
“I wasn’t even able to sleep on my way here (from Uganda), so I’m so excited and so honoured.”


We better put on our best performance and win, don’t want to disappoint him. :slightly_smiling_face:


It was a glorious Winters day today, and there’s another coming tomorrow.

Ideal Lawn day.


And bucketing down Saturday. 15-20mm expected.


Hope he enjoyed the match and the win.:slightly_smiling_face:


it was fun dancing to his song after the game!!


I got called up for jury duty today, so fronted up at Warrnambool law courts, one of the 13 centres around Victoria where trials are held.

There were 40 or 50 of us, and I expected that that would fill 3 or 4 juries, but there was only one trial, an accident compensation case from Portland so only 6 jurors required. They randomly selected 10 (of whom I wasn’t one) and each side deleted two. They swore in the 6 (interestingly none of them swore on the Bible, Torah, Koran or even the Footy Record, all of them affirmed) and the rest of us left - exempted for 2 more years.

Bit like those selection procedures when you’re a kid and each captain selected in turn. I rarely got picked then either.


A few months back I noticed the Country Game marketing was a photo of Whoosha, Heppell and the 1st Lieutenant of my fire brigade in CFA yellows in the middle of the MCG. He’s a lifelong Essendon man, so to have a professional photo of that moment was pretty cool to see.

I emailed the club on a Sunday night and asked if they could send me a printable version of the photo. 8am Monday morning they replied with a hi res copy of the photo. Awesome response.

Saturday night was our annual dinner and I surprised the bloke with the framed photo. On the same night he received an award for attending 6500 emergency calls, which is an incredible achievement. He was by far more excited to get that photo. He couldn’t believe it had come from the club itself.


Wonderful gesture, dude, & a brilliant way to commemorate your 1st Lieutenant’s incredible achievement. Thanks for sharing.


Well done Benny, it’s a bluddy nice thing you did.

Pity you didn’t have a little more time up the sleeve when the idea came though, . I’m pretty sure they would have got it signed by a few blokes and sent it out.

Maybe they still could?? @Catherine_Lio whistle


I’m sure the club would be happy to do so - though that kind of stuff does have a tendency to take a while…


Did consider asking, but this gift worked out as well as I could hope as is.


When you find out that your internet provider stuffed up your new contract and now getting Unlimited internet for the price of 200gb.

Great for me as its now in my contract and they can’t swap me out.


I love Gray and Dunn biscuit tins.

I want all of them.



Gorgeous & congrats once again, Decks. Future Bombers Captain. :red_circle::black_circle:


Didn’t know you had it in you, you virile son of a ■■■■■.



Grandson :slight_smile:


Congratulations Nannu :grinning:


You virile OLD son of a ■■■■■