The positive thread. find something, anything


Well fark you and your metabolism.
I’m eating soggy lettuce for breakfast.


Adding alcohol will keep it crispy.


Sumo wrestling is on.




Labor finally given the ■■■■ in SA.
About ■■■■■■ time


If you suffer from asthma, even a little, take care of yourself today.
If you need it, we can help you out pretty quickly, but try to take some precautions yourself first.
This has been a wim public service announcement.


Little ■■■■■■■ asleep, all cleaning jobs done, Rocky IV on one channel, NBL decider on another, park cricket scores on the live app.
Life’s good.


I was kind of upset to leave Rocky IV behind and go to work today.


You’re shacked up with @RockyIV ?
Mrs wim has been pretty quiet of late, but I did not see this eventuality!!


Rocky IV hates everything at the moment, so as personable as she is, I can’t see Mrs Wim being an exception.


There is no privacy with anything anymore.



“We will stick with our original team song in 2018,” Bombers chief marketing officer Justin Rodski told the club’s website.

“The tradition of the team song is a big part of our game, particularly on match day, and we didn’t feel the song needed updating or changing at this point in time.

“It is shaping up to be a huge crowd on Friday night and hopefully our fans get to sing the song loud and proud celebrating a big win.”


Netflix adding all the Monty Python movies in April


Opening your kids 2 packs of footy cards from Auskick & scoring cards with Tippa, Raz, Pidge & Darc, including some special editions.


Go buy a lottery ticket.


The Commonwealth games means that Bruce and basil are not commentating footy.


I found my Sieve!! :smiley:


Where was it?


In the last place I looked…

Right where I found it …??

Lol, … it was one of those times when you move something, thinking “that’s way more convenient”, . then forget you shifted it there, … you know??

So basically right in front of my eyes the whole time, hanging on the hook that holds the kitchen curtains back, … which ends up sort of being half hidden behind them when they’re open, … :roll_eyes:

Closed the curtains on the 1st cold night, and voila!