The positive thread. find something, anything


It was on your head, wasn’t it?


I have a horrendously upset stomach.

I anticipate effort-free weight loss.


So easy you could do it sitting down?


fark carlton losing yesterday


Or driving the porcelain bus. I feel like Alan Noonan now.


Haven’t had a Stewie Dew for yonks.


Salami, vintage cheddar and dubious dips.


What? Are you saying there are Salami-flavoured Lifesavers now, or do they incorporate the cheese and dips too?


If this isn’t a euphemism…


Not having any of the hereditary genetic markers that have lead to both your parents having clotting issues in a 6 month period where 1 had a heart attack then weeks later a stroke (99.9% recovered - slight speech slurring) and the other lucky enough to only have a pulmonary embolism.


Successfully putting Kermit singing “The Rainbow Connection” into half the office’s brains for the afternoon. Evil but soooo satisfying :stuck_out_tongue:


I love that song.


After Sal’s effort in the DJ thread, I’ve had the butterfly ball tune in my head all day at work today. A few lyrics may have slipped out when I was driving.


Looking out the office window, coffee in hand, as the rain falls outside.


Apologies to those who are friends on Facebook for the double up…

Having a new car and a reversing camera for the first time = excellent.

realizing after six months that the little plastic protective film is still on the camera, and the camera is even better than you thought = mega excellent!


take the protective film off the screen and you’ll be amazed further :slight_smile:


Second only to "Halfway up the Stairs’ or whatever it’s called :slight_smile:


I’ve been after a specific Console table for ages, and I could never get exactly what I wanted. Finally, I settled for a glass top and black metal legs. I preferred silver legs but everything like that was way too expensive. It was on sale, so I got it for a good price too (cause it had black legs). Opened the package today says black on the carton and assembled and it has silver legs. WINNER!!!


Are you going to double-down and ask for a 50% discount?


As someone who is in the boat I feel like I should see if mine has plastic on it.