The positive thread. find something, anything


My guess is if you have a reversing camera on your boat, you should leave any plastic protective film there.
I’m not a maritime guy, but just my opinion.


Ok dad


No chance, I’m getting rid of all the packaging and deny all knowledge of the black.


On the positive side, I’ve just finished writing my son’s wedding speech.
On the negative side, wife has just come home in tears over her (admittedly horrible) hairdresser’s efforts.
More positive though, is that she’s just found another hairdresser.
Then again - this means we’ll be late.
But the sun is shining.
Hang on - we’re playing Carlton…

fark…I’m all over the place


Every game played is one game closer to the end of our coaching staff and one game closer to our next flag… There will be many games to go…


we only play the filth once this year


The cold wind was at my back to push the bike away from the MCG?


The servers held up well. Good work @riolio


Mutch has shown glimpses. I think he could be a good player once he has some games under his belt.


Debatable whether that’s a good thing…


Orazio was back. Gee I enjoy watching him. Even though we stink his class still shows through. Doesn’t fumble, great mark, beautiful skills by foot. Just wish he was surrounded by better players…


Raz and Conor are not from the same planet as the rest of the team.

Maybe we could have a team rule that they’re the only two allowed in the forward fifty (except if one is on the bench, I’ll concede that).


Kyle Reimers got a job at my work a few months ago. I pretty much walk around saying step 1 and Shhhhhh all day, I think he thinks I’m not all there in the head :blush:




Team is putrid.

But I got a box of no judgement pizza shapes to devour tonight.


Aren’t they judgement by virtue of their name?


Nothing tops the pizza shapes




Second favorite. Then crimpy chicken.