The positive thread. find something, anything


Harsh. But fair.


We are now officially 5000 days closer to our next finals win!


Mark Neeld got the ■■■■!


Don’t know if there’s another thread on this but Neale Daniher’s speech at the hall of fame dinner is beautiful and uplifting - it’s at the EFC website but here’s the link anyway:


Playing at the MCG on Saturday arvo 3 weeks in a row.

Form aside, cant get any better. Just like we used to in the 90’s.

Shame all 11 of our home games aren’t there.


its a fkg twilight game mate.


Es bueno


Going to country legends lunch on Friday , free grog and hopefully James Hird on my table


team selection this week rewarding players in good form




Did it all happen?


Not quite he sat on opposite table.
I ended up with Spud Frawley


Jimmy was pretty quiet but as i found out later he had been robbed


That I chose today to forget and leave my Telstra-networked phone at home.