The positive thread. find something, anything


Rum and raisin ice cream. A friend brought some over the other night. I haven’t tried it in years. Delicious!


The Eric Andre Show.

Because when I’m in a ■■■■■■ mood having a ■■■■■■ day because I’ve mucked up big time, I’m grateful this intentionally catastrophic show exists.


bushman bacon. when i lived out bush we used to cut corned brisket real thin and cook in soy sauce. tastes as good as any bacon


Is that pretty much pastrami? Although I think pastrami is smoked too.


When you buy a brand new lawnmower, read the manual carefully, fill it with oil and fuel it up … and the beast starts on the very first pull. I wuv you Victa Mustang!



I always find that they start better if you just press the start button myself.
But hey, whatever floats ya boat.


I don’t think it’s amphibious although that might be handy given the current swampiness around here.

Too scared to find out really, it’s so nice and shiny new I don’t want to get it dirty now.


Scones. Scones with vanilla jam + cream.


And what is the consensus when it come to pronouncing ‘scones’.

Is it ‘scon?’ or ‘scone’? It’s spelt ‘scone’ but not always pronounced that way.

I prefer ‘scone’.


I’m from a Scottish background, scon is what we say. Sassenachs say scone.


Is that a thing? :thinking:


Scon for mine. Our British Isles ancestry is minimum 150 years ago, so not affected by accents.


I misrepresented the jam a little earlier. It is strawberry, rhubarb + vanilla. Very nice indeed.


Definitely scon for me.

With strawberry jam and a dollop of cream.



Have the goodies been asked for input yet


Last time this came up I believe the jam or cream first debate was as hotly contested as the sit or stand thread.


Date scone with butter
Plain scone with jam -raspberry or strawberry- and cream


Date scones? No need for a Metamucil follow up for a day or two after that.


Ripper date scones at my favourite coffee shop.


You don’t put jam on cream for lots of reasons but mostly due to the logistical challenge it poses.