The positive thread. find something, anything


That’s a euphemism for boob$


Cadbury Chocolate coated OREO’s.


“Its a regional dialect”


Aurora Borealis.

football be damned.


Did you run?




Oreos are just crap.


Woohoo! My council rates have gone DOWN!!! From $520 per quarter to $519 per quarter.

And people say all the living costs are going up.

Now to work out what to spend the savings on. My sister recommends a cup of 7-11 coffee, but I like coffee too much.


Replaced the worn buttons on the car key remote.


$2 bucks off ebay including post, … from Sydney, … 10 minutes getting them in.

And available in red. Pissa.




It’s the first day of Spring, …YAY!, … and Brrrrr, … brr


Yeah same - mine was getting a little tired, so I sent it out to get professionally spruced up.


Does that mean you get an upgrade at wife swapping


…and a downgrade on the Roller


Your car has a key?


Watching someone who knows a little bit about computers being given ongoing helpful advice on how to fix a computer by someone who knows nothing about computers, or even modern appliances generally.

Oh my.
Oh, I wish I’d recorded it.
Just a couple of highlights.

‘Push that button!’
‘You mean the usb port?’
‘Okay, try pushing that button!’
‘That’s a screw.’


Sounds like you struggle to give advice and record at the same time…


He pushed the screw to start the recording.


Been 3 weeks since I had a soft drink or a drop of alcohol. This has been a struggle for me working in a stressful job that has a vending machine and mates who love a burbon and coke.

Was tough at first but now not so much.


Getting paid $50 for confirming I had indeed been smart enough some years ago to chose the cheapest electricity provider.