The positive thread. find something, anything


Good man.
Stick with it… before long, soft drinks will taste like ■■■■ to you.


The “choosing years ago” is generally how they get you. The plan your on gets slightly more expensive, meanwhile they introduce a new cheap one.

I, also, got paid $50 and told I am excellent.
Totally undone by forgetting to bank the cheque for about 4 weeks.


I aim to.


I got rostered on for 10 hours on Friday; I don’t need a day off I just spent 2 weeks in Bali. I’ll be getting paid triple time. My birthday is the next day so cocktails and lobster it is.


Pies losing the GF by 5 points


Their hopes crushed in the last two minutes! Just superb. The perfect ending.


Like Japanese water torture,twas a slow death after bein 5 goals up.


Eagles should’ve put them away in the first ten of the last quarter. Burned 3-4 very very gettable chances.


Mrs Deck & I were jumping up and down ecstatically, screaming, with tears in our eyes at the final siren.

Fark we’re awful lol


Not at all.

I’m, … so proud of you both right now, … :cry:


First good grand final since 2004?

(Only three other good ones since we were there, and they were all a looooong time ago: 2002 the Pies legit thought they were a chance, 2003 they got destroyed, 2004 Hardwick single-handedly made the Bears bleed and Allan Scott was wrong about Little Essendon.)


2009 was good.

The draw in 2010 was very good.

I like 2012 as well


The schadenfreude is not strong in this one…

(Honestly, I only know who was in the draw — fark you Milney. I’m guessing 2009 is one of the Dawk/Cats, and have no idea for 2012.)


Enjoying the misery of others after today’s GF


We are bringing in Aaron Heppell.


Burned the clock by keeping the ball in their F50. Very smart.

Also smart was whats-his-name who took the full 30 to line up his shot from 50 with 1min to go, then “shanked” the kick into the pocket to try and burn off another 30.


Where did you buy that I really want to get one for my veggie garden.

I can understand someone wanting to pinch it.

Would you please pm. me with the details. Thanks.


Or - he can post his address, and someone can go and steal it.


Even better - don’t you love those five finger discounts?


That sprinkler is actually a post from Tinhill terror