The positive thread. find something, anything


Fantastic, man!
Hope you have many happy years in it :slight_smile:


Happy Daylight Savings Eve everyone!! :sunglasses:

*If it’s not a thing it bluddy well should be orrite??


Suck sh*t, @Diggers




You still at the pub?
Blondie is a very good band to play at a pub.


And if so is it a German pub?


No, no pub, just listening on the train.

FYI - Just checked into hotel and asked the hotel clerk if he knew where Richmond will finish next year. He shrugged and said nein. Sounds like it’s business as usual for Richmond.


Lol sounds like we were both in Deutschland at the same time


Indeed. Enjoy your time. It’s such an interesting country.


It’s a wonderful daaaaay for piiiiieeeee…


Flown down for my high school reunion. 20 years. Yikes.

Meeting some of them under the clocks at flinders street station to catch the train to the school. So many memories rushing back. This used to be our go to for meeting friends in the city before mobiles were a thing.


About to walk to a beer garden on a day like today.


Just rolled through Fitzroy. The bars are overflowing with crew, and Edinburgh gardens is choccas.

Melbourne at its best.


Started the day today with buttermilk pancakes and freshly made, slow pressed apple juice at a beautiful little cafe on the side of a lake. Absolutely superb.


Started the day alive and we’ll. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Enjoy the day BBlitzers. Enjoy.


Now top it off with a vodka charged rampage through the boobie bars of king st ending up at crown fighting triads due to a moderate cross cultural misunderstanding.


That was yesterday :rofl:


Overhearing passersby saying nice things about your garden.


Went with my son to buy his first car today. He’s into retro stuff but has a broken leg so I got to drive a manual rear wheel drive for the first time in years. Such fun even if it is a little underpowered. Looks a bit like this, racks and all:


What is it?