The positive thread. find something, anything


1983 Corolla. He wants to be a mechanic and this will be his personal project that he plans to hot up.


Thought so, looks a little different to the one I had (‘83, red with black stripes) as my first car, thing would probably go on forever, but paint job was first thing to go.


Yeah there’s some different types from that era. If you had one of these it would be worth heaps, they’re very hip cars to have at the moment:


Mine was big standard, granny-esque.

In retrospect I should’ve got the V8 Holden Panel van that was going for the same price, but was trying to be low profile.


Low profile is cool now. You would be “on trend”; V8 Holdens are ostentatious and not cool at all.


V8’s will always be cool.


Straight sixes are always my go to although I can live with an H6 like a Porsche or Subaru.


My mums car has just died in the ar$e - she’s got no money but too much pride to ask for help so she’s just borrowing a mates. I want to get her a second hand one but I’m basically just going to have to buy it then dump it on her so she’s got no choice.

She’s 70 and been driving a Honda legend that’s over 20 years old which is way to big for her but she still wants to carry her grandkids in the back.

I know this isn’t a car thread but any suggestions are great. I was looking at little second hand Audi, vw, puegot types but they seem to be mostly diesel which could get more costly if I get a dud.


Yep, avoid if out of warranty.

You may have to re mortgage your home for repairs.

Can’t really go past a small Toyota in this space for mine.


Geebus you must hate your mum! Get something Japanese or Korean. Corolla, Camry, i30, Elantra (or Kia equivalents), Pulsar/Tiida.


Yep, that would be my choice, …


or the Yaris if after a Sedan, … ugly, but a great reliable car.


Mazda has been good and reliable for me.


Nearly said a Mazda 3 would be another choice, …very reliable over the past decade, but they have (or used to have) a downside of very expensive parts/repairs.

Not sure if it;s still the case, (?) but it was for a very long time.


Nothing too outrageous for my Mazda 6. Barely needed anything for 15 years.


I’ve had a CX-5 Mazda 4 years…just about to upgrade it to an Akera CX-5, couldn’t be happier.


I love my mum. All good Tassie boys do


So Mazda with Toyota close second and anything European can go hang is the vibe.
Rx7 with dice it is Mum.


Try - the VW POLO excellent little car, comfy seats, economical fuel wise, diesel or petrol. Ours was diesel 4.6 litres to the 100 kms.


Never had any issues with 4-5 Subarus we’ve had either.

Toyota Corolla would probably do the job bee though.


A VW Diesel??

Really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Watch Episode 1 of “Dirty Money” (NetFlix Doco series) and get back to me on this.