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you do know all diesels are ■■■■■■ right regardless of brand?


I love my diesel.


Heard one too many horror stories with Subarus.


Meet any old flames?


i’ve had a 2nd hand golf for 9 years. nothing done to it except services myself. (probably lucky on my party) but mechanically they’re fine if you service regularly.


Nope. Catholic all girls school.


I somehow overlooked Mazda. Add them to the list, Sameolds.

Subarus can be hit and miss. Some go forever, but others are troublesome.


Yep, that’s the critical issue with all Euro cars. I had my Mk5 Golf GTI for 10 years, but had ~$12k of warranty claims earlier in it’s life. From then on it was faultless. But preventative maintenance is the key. Japanese/Korean cars are way better than Euros for tolerating abuse and less-than-perfect maintenance.


We have a Corolla and a Hyundai Ix35. Both base models. Both second hand (around six years old) very reliable and cheap to service.

That has been my strategy with cars. Buy the reputation but go for lowest cost you can.


The latest and worst horror story I heard was regarding a late model Subaru with a CVT, the car was just out of warranty, transmission developed a fault, and they wanted to replace the whole transmission as a sealed unit.

Wanted some disgustingly extortionate amount of money, and refused to budge.


Plus the continuous AWD means, 99.9% of the time, just means you’re sucking more petrol for no benefit.


Hyundais are grouse these days. Parents keep buying them.


Subaru have had big problems with their CVTs. Same with Honda’s earlier ones. They are not as reliable and trouble free as a torque converter auto. But probably not as bad as VW’s dry clutch DSGs. Get a manual or torque converter auto for trouble-free motoring.


Good luck finding one.


Cvs are worst. Some have engines that are that small there are some that just straight up blow up once they hit around 120k which is about the same time you need a major service ie timing belt, cvs etc. I heard it’s common with outback 07 models. I have a Subaru Outback 07, so I should be r… ■■■■.


And that’d be my work car. But I don’t pay for it. So ner work.


Just say I’ve got a curmudgeonly dad who can barely breath let alone walk and is knock knock knocking but is grumpy and refuses to go.
Ie what’s comfiest.


I never knew @Alan_Noonan_10 had kids!


Mums not the picky type


Lights out by 10, candles out by 11…or wasn’t it a boarding school.

My sisters all went to PCW in Windsor. They tell some great stories about what the nuns told them.


Yeah the cont AWD is a bit of a furphy. I really wanted to replace mine with a non Subaru one, and there’s not that many.

Now have the Golf R Wagon, which has AWD when it needs to. Not sure I’ve ever felt it kick in. Thing corners like it’s on rails, goes like ■■■■ on toast, and can’t fault it. Probably uses less juice than the bigger Subaru, but who’d know with VW compliance.

Jump back in the old 2012 liberty and it’s like driving a boat. The older BSpec or GT from around 2006 was pretty neat though.