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When you have 2 kids both under 4 and on one wage it’s more about giving adequate notice and asking as money is tight.


Fair call


Melbourne today.



I learned that the correct answer to why men are like bank accounts is that without a lot of money there’s not much interest.
Not if they run out, it’s at least a little bit your fault.


Getting notifications that upcoming meetings are cancelled.


Guy at the office got his promotion yesterday and had proposed to his girlfriend the night before. Really happy for him!


discovering that I can buy purple smilie face car tyre valve cover thingies!!


Finding out we play the JLT Geelong game 5min. From home as apposed to hours of driving , i’m in heaven. C’arnt believe it… pinch me punch me…not possible !!!


worth a watch - cute cat doing what cats do.




Go home Prince’s Estate, … you’re drunk.


They’ll have to queue up behind Cadbury’s.
Poor old Darrel Lea.


Karma to the rescue


I saw a koala get nailed by a 4wd today. I stopped and carried the poor bugger off the road and kept him calm until a vet came. ■■■■■■ tough animals. Got rolled by front and back tyres and I reckon a broken leg was the only injury. Still tried to scratch and bite me when I picked him up.
3 others stopped to help. Not one driver complained while I stopped traffic. People aren’t always diks.


Mex, you are a hero.


I wouldn’t go that far i just try to be a decent human.


Good stuff mate. Wombats make me really upset.


Quick update:
I dropped into the vet’s today to check how the patient was going.
Confirmed fractured leg.
They have named him Jackson.
No update on his progress as he was actually sent to an animal surgery. I will follow up again either Friday or next week but at least they didn’t put him down.


something @Alan_Noonan_10 can enjoy out his way. Do you have any pre-decimal coins to get yourself a cuppa?

Mack’s Snacks turns back the clock to celebrate 70 years with postwar menu, prices, currency

By Daniel Miles and Matt Neal

about an hour ago


A cafe from 1952, with a milkman sitting at the bench drinking coffee.|700x467 Photo: Mack’s Snacks as it looked in 1952. (Supplied)

You do not get much for a shilling these days — mostly because they are no longer legal tender — but a Warrnambool cafe is winding back the clock this week to serve up 1948 meals at 1948 prices — but only if paid for in pre-decimal currency.

It was all in aid of Mack’s Snacks’ 70th birthday, which makes the still-popular venue one of the longest continually running cafes in Victoria.

Owner Diane Coates said the old menu was being dusted off for those customers who brought in their pennies and pounds.

An old cafe menu from 1948.|700x467 Photo: The Mack’s Snacks menu from 1948 featuring lots of meat. (ABC South West Vic: Matt Neal)

“There are mixed grills, bacon and eggs, there’s sausages … lots of old-fashioned food. It’s a lot of meat and a lot of eggs,” she laughed.

While the present-day menu has been modernised a bit, customers will not see smashed avo or fancy burgers on there.

“I think people come here because we do homestyle foods rather than trendy foods,” Ms Coates said.

A cafe worker holds up an old-style menu.|340x227 Photo: Diane Coates bought Mack’s Snacks in 2010 after being a long-time employee. (ABC South West Vic: Matt Neal)

"I mean, we have upgraded. We do other things apart from the meat and eggs but we still try to keep that homestyle feel.

“We have traditional vegetable soup, which we still make from the 1948 recipe.”

A local institution

Mack’s Snacks, having been a Warrnambool institution for seven decades, means a lot to its many regular customers.

“We have [families] who’ve come in generation after generation; they bring their babies in and say ‘This is the next Mack’s Snacks person’,” Ms Coates said.

"We have some [older customers] who come in here and we may be the only contact they have all day.

"We have some who come in every night for their dinner just because they’re single and they don’t have anyone else, so they come and tell us what they’ve done throughout the day.

Older people sit in an old-style cafe booth|700x467 Photo: The lunch time rush begins at Mack’s Snacks. (ABC South West Vic: Matt Neal)

“I’ve made so many friends out of my customers, it’s great [and] it’s part of my family, it’s part of my life.”

Ms Coates, whose sister, granddaughter and other relatives also work at the cafe, was originally a long-term employee, having been there in the days when waitresses wore high heels, mini skirts and “little hats”.

She took over the business from the McLeod family in 2010.

‘Two slices of toast with every main meal’

Keith McLeod said he was delighted the place was still running, largely unchanged — even the original booths built by his father in 1948 remain.

<img src=’/uploads/default/original/3X/2/d/2dfbb772f004d1d25de6c3f550fdc4891f952ac6.jpg’ alt=‘A sign outside a cafe saying “Warrnambool’s Original Cafe”|700x467’> Photo: Mack’s Snacks, which opened in 1948, claims to be “Warrnambool’s original cafe”. (ABC South West Vic: Matt Neal)

“My father came down here in 1948, he opened this business [and] I joined the business in 1949,” Mr McLeod said.

"In those days there were three food outlets in this block and now I’d say it would be at least 20, probably more than that.

"I retired in 1989 after 40 years, my brother Graeme retired five years later and my younger son, who was a chef, came in and took over and he ran it for about 20 years and then he sold it to Diane who’s now the proprietor.

"We always thought cleanliness and fast service [were most important]. It’s an ‘eat it and beat it’, not a ‘wine and dine’.

A child-drawn birthday card, wishing a cafe a happy 70th birthday|700x467 Photo: A young customer made this card wishing Mack’s Snacks a happy 70th birthday. (ABC South West Vic: Matt Neal)

"It brings back some memories, especially the old menu which, of course, was pretty basic.

“In the old days it was steak, sausages, eggs, onions and strangely enough, we always served two slices of toast with every main meal, and to this day people love that.”

Nostalgic birthday tradition

Mr McLeod said he was happy to see the cafe serving from the original menu for those people who paid in 1948 currency to celebrate the cafe’s birthday.

“We did [that] for the 50th anniversary. My brother and I finished up with a bag of old coins, and tonight I’m coming down to give some of that to Diane,” he laughed.

As for the future, Mack’s Snacks shows no sign of disappearing, despite the rise of fast food and trendy cafe culture, Ms Coates said.

A 60-year-old woman with pre-decimal currency sits in an old-style cafe booth.|700x467 Photo: Lyn Tucker of Framlingham with her pennies and shillings as she prepares to order from the 1948 menu. (ABC South West Vic: Matt Neal)

“I think we have something that no-one else has — we have history, which not many other cafes have,” she said.

"I have no plans to pull up stumps here. I really enjoy what I do, I love dealing with my customers, with my staff, with everyone.

“They all become my friends. I would hate to stop and not have to see all these people who I really enjoy seeing every day.”


I think that’s Noons in the top photo casing the area out ahead of his future relocation plans.

I’ll have some of the bacon & spaghetti thanks, what a mix. Combines two of my favorite foods, simple but effective.