The positive thread. find something, anything


Great stuff Mex


Having a whole tram to yourself.


Having a pool + warm weather = early morning swims!
Great way to start the day.


No Sea Snakes then?


Been on the baked beans again? I’ve had years like that.


Just the one :wink:


Sitting down and finding a $1 coin.


Seems inconvenient. Was it difficult to remove?


It was on the floor.
And I have long arms.


Why were you sitting on the floor?




Your ideas of discomfort do seem a little askew.


Opportunity lost to use the word discomfit.


We have finally had some RAIN. Not much but some.


I actually considered it.


At the late night fast food shop after being on the turps for 12 hours I always fell for the old $2 coin down the front of the Bain Marie trick.

Actually once I did it sober from memory.


I confess to falling prey to the glued to the concrete 20 cent piece at school.
It was a fair cop.



who you calling an

asss kew?


Finally after the 3rd try, my son’s Guatemalan girlfriend has had her visa approved. :slightly_smiling_face:

Am looking forward to meeting her. Was thinking was never going to get to meet her, unless I went to Guatemala. Having traveled to Europe this year, was going to be a few more years before I could visit Guatemala.


@Crazy_Bomber, obviously.