The positive thread. find something, anything


Having recently been involved with three women subject to domestic violence, I cannot speak highly enough of the assistance provided to them by not for profit community groups and legal aid.
The women also spoke well of the help given by the police, although noting how stretched they were.
Political parties might do well to support those organisations, as an alternative to running fear campaigns about law and order


Another cracking day in the (inner) burbs of Melbourne.

Trying to get my rib game sorted.



Just spent 20 minutes scrolling through ‘photos I’ve taken’ thread. Positive stuff.


Almost ready…just gotta dry em out a touch.



Another beautiful day in Melbourne town.


The Works is a really good album.
Or at least one that I like a lot.
Man on the Prowl should have been cut for I Go Crazy, but other than that…
Also, Queen.


Just in Byron, lots of good food.


I had a heart attack last week and didn’t die.



Way better than stroked, … amirite???


I’m still not riddled with or dead of melanoma.

We rock.


Mate,I feel blessed.
No sweating the small stuff anymore.


Nothing wrong with a good stroking.


Permanent meds?


Yes aspirin and some other cholesterol one.


I get what you’ve said, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Shame we humans don’t get that
in an ordinary day to day stuff.

Sometimes, it takes something to shake and shock us out of our complacency. The simple things mean so much. Glad to have you with us.


pre-season training has started


I stumbled across a hilariously terrible celebrity news website called mediamass.
Riddled with viruses, I’m sure, but so funny.


I’ve found HD streams of live MSNBC and CNN, … and also how to pick out the stream link and run it through VLC thereby avoiding any Browser drama and associated load, … and they are 60% of the time doing nothing but highlighting what a deplorable turd Trump is, … it is fkn hilarious at times.

No wonder he hates these guys with a passion, … they really, … REALLY expose him for the rotten to the core criminal scum he truly is.

Morning Joe and Mika right now … are knee slappingly raw …




We got more rain. Still not even half our annual rainfall. But even a little rain is very much welcomed.

Good thing I mulched heavily this year. It has saved the gardens.