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impressive #2


Lady was rushing to get through security, decided to skip past myself and my wife and ask the guys in front of me if she could push in. Of course they said ok.

Then once she went through, the security guy told her to go back and empty something from her bag, setting her back about 5 spots to where she was originally.


Yeah I know what you mean.
Pink farking sandals ffs???


@ M’bark’s premier Chinese restaurant with karaoke and its laaaame and it’s about to go Off.

What You Need, since you (didn’t) ask.


stone fruits are back


They so are. A lovely lady I work with farms stone fruit, had our first free form the tree apricots last week and looking forward to nectarines on Monday!


Finally finding another good barber.
The art of the cut throat shave is slowly being lost


You could save heaps and just cut your own throat.


And skivies


And Alf. In pog form.


Love it


Male or female?

There’s something about a woman shaving you with a razor, never sure if they have the expertise, but the ones around here go alright.


The bloke who I went to every week for about the last 10 years retired just before I went to Europe earlier this year and the new guy in there did a pretty average job so I’ve been on the look out since. One place even got the old Bic out and said “that’s how we do it here”.
Said place is banned now. Found a barbershop owned by a Lebanese family who do an awesome job. Had 2 last week and both were spot on


Haha a BIC? They’re terrible


The 36ers won.



What annoys you?

Blood alcohol reading?


So look what greeted me under the eave of the shed when I went down to put the Boat inside before the rain this morning, … :star_struck:


Mates bringing a Hive around after work, and we’ll grab them just on Dusk when they’re all in the colony.

Little fkers just need to stay put for 3 hrs or so, and I’ll have my own honey from here on out, and plenty for Mead etc.

Hang in there you guys, … just stay calm. :crossed_fingers:


Got the little beauty’s at Dawn.

Now settled comfily into a new home, with access to a shitload of Coastal Melaleuca, and a nice stand of Ghost & Blue Gums too, all of course, in full bloom.

Although they still could shoot through, … won’t know for sure for a few days if they’ll fully settle, … but at this point, I’m all but not being all, …“FKN YES!!” about it.

Amazing experience BTW, … I recommend trying it at least once in your life if you get the chance. No stings, … quite peaceful and serene, and it’s weird, but, once in the hive, they seriously seemed almost grateful.

(No I wasn’t high, … nothing but 3 cups of Java. :smile:)


good luck with them

nature can be really awesome sometimes