The positive thread. find something, anything


The end of year Spotify playlist is out!!!


HTF do you print it???


That’s always a nightmare.


Off to a 4 day camping trip today.
That’s a positive for me, and Mrs Deck, who shall not come.


Would it be so hard top make it a simple process? I mean - don’t these guys want the exposure??
Alright, let me farking google.

are you farking kidding me


Ok, this worked:




Nice to see a politician being original and humorous


It’s alot cooler here than usual.


Kids Xmas Photos with Santa.


Got a new Galaxy Note 9 on sale for $300 off. Very happy with it!


C7’s coverage so far. That and their decision not to hire M Clarke.


Sneeze farts. Always good value.

Just cracked everybody up. Kids are in tears.


What’s a sneexe fart?

For me at the moment, happiness is a dry fart!


Finding out that a change in a global vaccine funding initiative means my PhD project may directly influence international vaccination policy.

Absolutely lucked out with my current project!


My eldest requests a hover board.
I said they’re not invented
Real, I saw the price of one
I said I’m not demented

  1. Dream the dream.

I also showed him the result of biffs efforts on back to the future, and told him manure contains a high level of gastroenteric pathogens.

Then I had to explain what the ■■■■■■ are.


He should have backed the Cubs to win the World Series.


The end of the year approaching quickly.
Took on an extra role at work for 2 months that finishes at the end of the year. Mentally and physically drained and I’ll know for future reference to avoid it


I just got back from dingus Jr’s primary school graduation.

He’s a magic kid and I balled my frickin eyes out.