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Balled your eyes out? Others might have bawled, you just pulled a sweet crossover and dunked in that little ■■■■■■’s face.




I don’t know why you’re bringing me into this.




If you can think of a better way to demonstrate to him that it’s all downhill from here I’d love to hear it.


Maybe he meant he was tea bagged?


Starting 5 weeks Annual Leave in 3…2…1…



It’s Friday, it’s been a pig of a week. I’m now home, gin n tonic in hand, watching the cricket.


Just started “work”, nobody here except a box of Daniel’s Donuts (■■■) and cricket on the telly.


Being completely pain free for 4 days running now, … first time that’s happened in as long as I can remember.

The change it makes in your overall mood & demeanor is really remarkable.

The only negative is realising how grumpy you’ve been for 97% of the year.


Great news, trust it continues.

I’ll never forget the first couple of days after having root canal work. I couldn’t believe how much pain I was actually in prior to the treatment because once it was gone - I felt fantastic.


Resting my eyes but awake while Mrs Wim was catching up on a bit of DOOL.
One of the characters said, “We’ve pretty much done everything backwards, but tonight…”
And I went into a very long laughing fit.
She had to pause it and I had to leave the room.
Good times.


Should I know what DOOL is?


Sorry. No, probably not.
Days of Our Lives.
Someone was reminiscing about my impenetrable acronyms, so there you go.
You’re welcome.


My wife records it on the Foxtel HD every day and then on Sundays sits there and watches the whole weeks worth back to back. I’m banned from the lounge room at that time because I just bag the crap out of it. Usually some sports on so I can retreat to the bedroom and watch Foxtel


■■■… Days of Our Lives is still a thing? I remember being home from school sick and listening to my Mum and her friend talking emotionally about all these people and thinking ‘man what a ■■■■■■ up lot’ … turns out they were talking about the show.


Unfortunately yep. When we go OS my wife has to take a few days off work to watch all the recorded episodes. She complains that if she misses an episode she loses track of the story and I often joke to her that you could go 10 years without watching it and still pick up on the storyline


When I was at uni, I had to watch it on days my mum wasn’t home. I was at uni in the early 70s.


Days of our lives was showing in the early 70s? Really? And did you mean to say that you had to watch it when your mum WAS home? Watching it while your Mum wasn’t home implies free will. :):grimacing: