The positive thread. find something, anything


Farrrk when does the Chamber Orchestra kick off?


I’m going out now for lunch.


How was it?


still going. having coffees now

just a quiet work group lunch

thank you for asking


How about now?


just got back to my desk

all good

had a nice long black coffee

the others enjoyed their teas

once again, thank you for your ongoing interest

God bless


Everything ok with the digestion?


no complaints

but if things change I’ll let you know



All the best.


Cinnamon & Lime Kombucha tastes pretty good!


Foxtel look to be flogging sports for 25 a month via “kayo” as a stand alone product. That’s a positive if you are sick of paying for the other stuff.


Read through news Ltd sports articles and you’ll see Kayo dropped in blatantly.



Wash your mouth out with soap!

which essentially, you just did.


It’s part of the diet I’m still on. Well at least it helps me with it, as the stuff is filling with very little kilojoules yet some benefit.


Sometimes we must make sacrifices, I guess.

My sympathies. My ex used to brew that stuff and tell me, on the hour, every hour, that I should have a large glass of it.

We’re no longer together, but I hope her and that disgusting thing you use to brew that filth are very happy.




3 Essendon matches on Classic Matches today, starting at 3pm.

West Coast 2013
Collingwood 1995
Adelaide PF 1993


First moment have had a chance to sit down and enjoy some of this epic Melbourne weather. Grab a nice cold drink and sit in the sun and enjoy some tunes.

Proceed to get ■■■■ on by a bird, so I’m stripping down to my jocks and just going to enjoy treat myself to another drink.



It’s good you’ve found a pub with such a relaxed attitude to both dress code and coprophilia.


Maybe stop going out with her