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Port Fairy named Wotif’s #1 Australian town for 2019.

And Poco (parents of Miinot in Pascoe Vale) rated the best ice-cream in Australia. Queue outside at 8.50 last night was too long to manoeuvre. A1 ice-cream though and the business is up for sale in March. Get in quick and ask for Gary. Tell him you know me and he’ll add 20% to the asking price.

I got texts this morning telling me to turn on Channel 9’s Today program and I quickly realised why I never watch Channel 9. There was an ad for Married at First Sight, and I quickly realised that retrospective abortion or involuntary euthanasia should be a plank at the Federal Election.


Bet that went quick!


What’s a great big fat waste of one of the most genuinely talented men’s tennis eras in Australia.

Well done Tennis Australia you bunch of boobs.


That doesn’t seem very positive.


A few days left…don’t wish it away on me just yet!
But yes, way too quick


WhoTF is Wotif?
Another scammy app that gets kick-backs for falsely ranking accomodation?


Part of Expedia, yes.
Along with, trivago and about 90 others.

They have their uses, as long as you realise there’s a 15% lazy tax if you book directly through them.


Probably not as good as the travel organisation that rated PF #1 small town in the WORLD in 2012. Small town being towns under 20,000.


hahahahaha - I mean - PF is a nice place, but…the world


I can only assume they didn’t go there in July.


Doolan, Ireland is the best small town in the world.


Essendon is the best small town in the world. Proven. Verified. Factoid.


Overcast Melbourne summer at dusk.
Friggin’ gorgeous.


Nice to have a proper cool evening after the past week or so.


You’d think it was the last twenty minutes before a storm, but it’s not.
It’s just Melbourne at dusk.
The colours, the sharpness…


was pretty amazing looking out over the back deck

all I could see was the shadowy silhouette of the trees & a bright pink sky


Went for a run. Bit humid but a nice change


Gelati vans! Still exist in the suburbs!

Just finished a job and driving through the back streets of Bundoora, I could hear that soundtrack! A block later and there’s a couple of kids walking along with double scoop gelati cones!

I had immediate flashbacks to my childhood, baking hot summer days and trying to track down the elusive music around the neighbourhood.

Outstanding that that still happens.


Yeah, it is nice :slight_smile:
We have one come around most dcays through our street.


Lived in current house for 10 years. Had one go last in the first week we were here.

‘How goods this?’ We were thinking.

Haven’t seen him since.