The positive thread. find something, anything


Fark that was a nice salad, if I do say so myself!







I got a new one, it’s reduced my picture hanging time by up to 20%



yep - that’ll work




They left a couple of more detailed surveys to fill in at leisure. Return them and be eligible for prizes etc.

These are detailed, about holidays, TV etc. Most of the TV shows I’ve never heard of.

I can’t even mention that I think people who participate in Married At First Sight, and those who watch it, should be removed from the electoral roll, and all social media.

I’ve already spent about 90 minutes on it, and nowhere near finished.


Did you mean to post this here, or was it meant for diggers’ Vasectomy Advice thread?


No, that was this one:


I left the restaurant in the basement of this building 7 hours before it burnt down and killed a stack of people?


I guess positivity can be about perspective…


Well it certainly was positive for DJR, not so much the others


I gather it made the news in Australia. A good disaster is always newsworthy.


When you have two awesome neighbours and one complete ■■■■■■■■ neighbour, and the day that the ■■■■■■■■ neighbour moves out is this day.
happy dance


didn’t know HAP was moving house?


Nah, HAP’s alright.
He just likes to argue.
Everyone here’s basically alright, they just have their funny little ways.
Luckily I don’t, or there might be trouble sometimes.


HAP and Wim living next door to each other, arguing over the fence. Now there’s a sitcom that I would want to watch (for a little while)