The positive thread. find something, anything


If he lived next door he’d be drinking bourbons on my deck watching the bombers and we’d be just fine.


Happiness is my 5 yo grandson asking if I will teach him the EFC theme song. Fist pump!


Before you disagreed over Woosha and you took him out to the ol’ murderin shed?


That’s fantastic. Awesome


I’d watch the hell out of the silly billy sitcom.


You call that parenting?


I have plans to tear down the murderin’ shed.


Had to learn the Adams family song for Carlton first.


Its been a battle. His father is the other Norf supporter.


Pulled pork.

Smoker just blew out the temp so didn’t end up with much bark, and had to hold it in the oven for a few hours. Nailed it though. Best one I’ve done so far.


treating yourself to some new audio equipment.

new amp + iems = good stuff.


Whatcha get?

Wife recently approved TV upgrade. I was after 55 inch, she said get the 65!

Then it became apparent the old amp and media player weren’t going to be compatible, so got approval for new Yammy and a Fetch TV which everyone can use.

Subwoofer is the next ‘need’ I’m scoping out (damn expensive…)


JDS lab The element(dac/amp) and some sony MDR-7550.


Missus given the all clear medically today.

Thanks all for the positive messages.


Good to hear Mr Net,


In news that surprises nobody, Informer 3838 named as Nicola Gobbo.


I think a name change is coming up in the near future if not, already.


She seems to have resisted all hitherto privacy suggestions.


She should, Lawyer X is a ■■■■■■ conspicuous name.


I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes.
Figuratively speaking.
Or otherwise.