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Sagan finds a way to keep himself in the action - The ITT was a missed opportunity for Durbridge - Has been going better than Hepburn and was my choice for the stage at the beginning of TA - The Australian TT championship should be a strong form race, especially in TT's up to 20km - During the National's Durbridge was 3 seconds up on Dennis at the halfway split.


I think Heppy, like Matthews is better at the shorter, explosive ITTs whereas Durbridge is more of a diesel TTer where a 40 or 50km ITT suits him far better. So it's fair from a given that Durbo that would have beaten Heppy.


Plus Indian Pacific starting Saturday for those who like to watch dots move across maps.


My understanding is that Durbridge was set for the ITT - Hence why Durbridge did little work in stage 5 to save his legs while Hepburn was in the final selection with Kreuziger - Durbridge is world class in the ITT up to 20kms which have been his best results - Did finish 3rd in the 6.4km ITT at the Tour of Suisse in 2016. Reckon Durbridge can win a WT ITT in 2017.

Anyway I'll be disappointed if Dennis is not world ITT champion in 2017, as long as the course is not too flat


Dennis is the best ITTer in the WT.
Dumoulin has lost weight to improve his climbing for GC purposes- and this seems to affected his power output for TTs. I suspect that policy might urgently change after his dreadful ITT at the TA.
Of course the "panzerwagen" should not be discounted.


I am interested in how the Panzer Wagon TT's in 2017 - Had a disappointing 2016 in this discipline, yet managed to win the World's - The interesting thing about the win was if you study the splits, there was a group of 4 riders who were around the same at the half way split - It appeared that Martin better handled the oppressive conditions than his competitors - I wonder if this result was an anomaly.

Have no idea who will win MSR - I'll take a stab at Bouhanni - It's an important year for Bouhanni who signed a near million dollar three year contract with Cofidis on the back of a successful 2014 - Unless he produces in 2017, he will be at a new team and will get a big pay cut - My understanding is Gerrans is Orica's number one rider for MSR - Cort will be given protection, though Orica is unsure if he will have power at the end - It's not expected Ewan will get over the Cipressa and the Poggio.


Milan San Remo tonight.

As usual, the selection will be made on the Poggio.
Clearly Sagan is the red hot favourite; but as yet he's never quite looked like winning here. Don't rule him out.
Matthews will like his chances, however, he didn't show much at PN and I'm not entirely convinced of his supporting cast.
Demare, last year's winner won't get a tow this year, which will make it harder for him.
Degenkolb, Kristoff are big chances, and Quick Step have a massive supporting cast for Gaviria.
Swift rates his chances here, but given he's never won anything much, I'm not sure why he's that confident.
Bouhanni, Cavendish will be hoping for a sprint finish and if it comes to a group finish they will be tough.
Orica Scott will be leading with Gerrans, although I think he's past winning something like this now. Magnus Cort will be also protected, but would need a very much selective sprint to be in the mix. I'm not convinced Ewan has the legs to ride 291 km and figure in the mix, but his early season form suggests he could do it on a good day; assuming his crash in the TA hasn't wrecked his chances.


Durianrider appears to be a no start :grinning:


Late MSR news: Gaviria had a big off yesterday in training. Will start tonight, but will be sore.


DNS would have been great, but going now, may be just a problem with transponder.

Lots of riders 400km+ on first day.


Is this the race in which the esteemed cycling journalist Rupert Guinness is competing?


Yes, he's done over 300km so not put to shame.

You can follow here ...


Great win for Kwiatkowski in the MSR. Edged Sagan and Alaphilippe. Sagan made the break on the Poggio with Kwiatkowski and Alaphilippe hanging on for dear life. Apart from one pull from Kwiatkowski, Sagan did all the work.


What a race! Sagan's such a baller and it's a shame he lost but Kwiato's fun to watch too so it's not so bad. Love that photo of them crossing the line.

Reckon when Sagan makes that move it must be the most "Oh no he's actually going!" moment in the peloton. Impossible to pull back, so many tried.

Also top 10 for Caleb. He must finally have some endurance.


Check out Sagan's chain!


Hadn't noticed. Is that why he threw the bike so early?


Not sure. Perhaps he felt it coming off and part of the reason Kwiatkowski got him?


Durianrider has officially pulled out.

Thanks for all the support gang. Having some issues with my trackers it seems. After getting hit by a car pre #ipwr I really struggled to ride 275km yesterday at only 130w. Today I have more pain just 47km in. I dont see it a good idea to continue. I've cycled solo across Oz before and know what it takes and what is normal pain and what is just going to get worse. Both trackers failing on day 1 is probably a sign pulling out early is a good idea. Sorry to disappoint all the crew who were keen to see me go all out in this epic race.


Sagan is a beast of a rider - Chapeau ! - Actually three brave and daring riders fought out the finish - Orica had the numbers at the finish but couldn't organise themselves on the descent of the Poggio which is easier said then done - Ewan 10th and Cort 11th augurs well for the future - Will be interesting to see how Ewan goes in the Dwaars De Vlaanderen - Think it should be too hard but the Cipressa and Poggio were raced hard and he got over with no issue - Then Cort rides E3 Harebeke which is a bit harder and then Ewan goes to Gent Werelgem is more sprinter friendly - Looking forward to Catalunya which starts tomorrow and which is Froo,me's seasonal reappearance in Europe.