The Pro Cycling Thread


We dont need to wait for the parcours to know that teams think Froome is vulnerable at the TDF. Whereas this year teams were wary of the Froome and hence avoided the TDF.


L.Hamilton 3 years at Orica. Bakker is a master negotiator.


I think if Froome concentrates purely on the TdF it’s going to be mighty tough to top him.
He only appeared vulnerable this year because he left a lot in the tank for the Vuelta, and was still pretty green for the TdF.


Hamilton is a good get. Probably the pick of the litter of the U23 riders in the feeder squad.


I suggest that Bakker screwed Orica for a three year contract, even though funding is only guaranteed for two more years - This was probably the hiccup in negotiations after it was realised that Hindley and Storer got three year deals - Anyway see Hamilton as a one week stage racer and Ardennes type rider - Don’t see him as a 3 week GC rider - There could be one more under 23 signing who is Non-Australian.


SunWeb win the men’s and women’s TTT at World Championships. Matthews gets WC medal.
BMC 2nd and Sky 3rd.


I suspect some teams chose the wrong riders for the TTT - Think Orica should have chosen Kreuziger and Plaza in place of Edmondson and Tuft - You needed rouleurs/climbers for that TT - Anyway Orica’s TT should be stronger in 2018 with the introduction of Bauer, Meyer and Trentin.


They weren’t going to beat the first 3, in any case.


Who’s the tip for the Road Race - does it suit Sagan?

I thought BMC Would have won teams race with SKy second, good job sunweb and Matthews.


Suits Sagan, Kwiatkowski, Matthews, GVA.
Sagan is sick, so that’s s big factor.


I will go a bit left field for the men’s RR - I expect it will be won from a breakaway later in the race - I’ll go Alaphalippe from Gilbert and Kwiatkovski.


Women’s elite TT - Van Dijyk the favorite - Garfoot and Van Vleuten can podium.


Van Vleuten wins, Garfoot 3rd.

Men’s TT tonight.
This will be a very different TT to the usual
Only 31km but last 3km are at 10%!
Doumulin and Froome to fight it out.
Dennis, in form, could have been right up there, but looks to be struggling a little.


Hard to go past Froome for the TT, Doumulin probably a close 2nd but I dont think he’ll have the conditioning of Froome.
But you never know, Froomes recent race program could finally catch up with him, that could be his big downfall.
You’d think Doumulin will be pretty fresh and i’m sure he would have prep’d hard for this. If the final climb wasn’t so nasty say 5-6%avg I’d be leaning towards Doumulin. The switchbacks will be in Froomes favour he seems to do better at erratic gradients, Doumulin needs a steady state.
Dennis is just way too big to climb it with the other two, again if the avg was lower it’d be closer.


Imo Dumoulin to win.
He was in beast mode for the TTT and see no reason why that won’t continue.


What was the TTT parcours like?


Am going to ride the TT course on a trainer tomorrow night…as to how fast ill let youll know!


Longer but without the climb at the end. Sure that helps Froome a little but Dumoulin showed at the Giro that it’s not a weakness for him either.
It might just come down to the bike change.


I will stick with Dennis - Has been the premier TT’er in 2017 and will get up the climb better - Dumoulin and Frrome - As a pure TT’er rate Dumoulin higher than Froome and even more so if the TT is lumpy - My outsider is Roglic.

AVV continued her dominant 2017 - It was an easier win than the results indicate when you consider AVV, rode nearly one third of the race in a torrential rainfall - The rain certainly cost Garfoot the Silver Medal


Let me run this scenario past you - Men’s RR with 5km to go - Durbridge, Mezgec and Kreuziger are in break with a 1 minute lead - DS wants to bring it back for a sprint - Do the three Orica riders listen to their DS, knowing it’s unlikely an Orica rider wins or are they happier to keep the win in the team ? What’s your choice.