The Pro Cycling Thread


He seems to be popular as evidenced by his instagram pics, of a sign for meat pies and a noticeboard for Esteban outside a shop - Today MS started there itinerant training camp in Southern Spain - The idea is the team will ride to a different location every day and of course change hotels - My guess is the camp will feature around 12 or 13 riders.


Nieve tweeting pics of his “suitcase filled with enthusiasm” (according to google translate)

New year, new kit! Maleta bete ilusio 😊😊😊

— Mikel Nieve (@NieveMikel) January 12, 2018


Seems to be eight riders at the itinerant training camp in Spain - 2 x Yates, Nieve, Kreuziger, Haig, Verona, Juul-Jensen and Kluge.

The latest cycling podcast on CN featured a behind the scenes look at MS training on Friday for the TDU - Interview with White, Edmondson and Bauer - Main takeouts

  • Impey will be the GC rider at the TDU
  • White likes versatile riders
  • TDF squad will focus on big riders ( mentioned 4 ) for the TTT, sprint finishes and the first week
  • Expect riders like Bauer/Impey/Trentin type
  • Yates may only have one support rider
    -Mezgec is Ewan’s lead out rider


Sagan wins the Peoples Choice crit

Of course we couldn’t watch it, because Channel 9 terminated the stream on lap 20/22. Idiots.



Ewan seemed to go a little early…?




Ewan definitely went too early - Two observations about Ewan - It’s no good having Edmondson as the lead-out rider at this stage of his development - Ewan needs Mezgec to be his lead-out rider at the TDF if he wants to win a stage.


Will add if Viviani can get into position then he will win stage one.


With a headwind it seems pretty basic to leave it as late as possible. Although the MS team didn’t do Ewan any favours by only having 1 rider left with him for most of the last lap. Comments where calling Bauer and Hayman as being last 2 with him, although I expect it might have been Impey not Hayman, but as Yaco suggests not really enough lead out fire power there.

Greipel also hit Ewan very hard with a shoulder bump when they just started to sprint in the straight which knocked Ewan off the wheel he was following towards the barrier. Ewan sprints with a big gear so it would take a lot of energy to build up to his max speed again (on a slight rise and without cover into headwind). Not a surprise he died towards the line.

Sagan was the rider who had the biggest shadow (Greipel) into headwind/rise for longest so he won - smartest beats fastest. Interesting that the Bora team was all lined up riding for Sam Bennett on one side of track, while Sags was surfing wheels for himself on the other side waiting for Lotto and the Gorilla to turn up.


My understanding is it was planned for Edmondson to be the final lead out rider for Ewan. Anyway Mezgec will give Ewan 2 or 3 gilt edged opportunities in the TDF.




Greipel, Ewan then Sagan on stage one.
The gorilla a little too good today.



Ewan is riding well, though publically he’s putting the best possible spin on his performance - I am impressed that when Ewan’s lead out couldn’t go the speed he cleverly surfed wheels - He may have to do this in one or two stages in the TDF - He’ll be better when he has Mezgec by his side and he will be even better if he and Mitchelton have confidence in Kluge.


The MS Continental squad is riding the Tour of Qatar - The conti team have only named 4 or 5 riders for their current squad, so it will be interesting to see who rides the event - It will be a learning experience for the riders.


MS 1-2 ahead of Sagan, Ewan wins stage 2 from Impey.


Today reinforced my belief the perfect sprint finish for Ewan is a 3 to 4% gradient for the last 500 metres.


Chaves update: seen smashing it up Tawonga Gap at 35 kph. Must be traveling well!


Cannot WAIT to see Matt White’s reaction to that. Atrocious from Ewan, way too cute.